10 Interesting Facts about Sarojini Nagar Market,New Delhi + Vlog


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Sarojini Nagar market is situated In southwest Delhi near the INA Metro station. It is one of Delhi’s biggest and most popular markets and a destination, where you get amazing girly stuff From stylish clothes to designer bags to amazing pieces of jewellery.  Two weeks ago, Ana and I headed to Sarojini Nagar market to shoot a V-log and explored a lot of interesting things there. I have discovered some amazing facts about it. Let’s get into the details.

Weekend is a bliss

We went there about two weeks ago on Saturday. You’ll find amazing crowd and even more amazing stuff on weekends. So, what are you waiting for? Make your list and Rush to Sarojini Nagar this weekend.

Bargain is the key

Bargain, Bargain Hell loads of Bargaining! If you want some serious alluring stuff in Sarojini Nagar then you have to be a Bargain Pro. Okay, okay! If you are not one of them, then go there with your ‘Bhaiya! itne me dena hai to do’ kind of  friend 😀 She will help to get some gorgeous stuff from there.


Don’t forget to check the new stock

Don’t just stalk over hangers. Sarojini Nagar is the paradise for fashionistas. Fashion bloggers are swear by the collection of Sarojini Nagar.


Hub of branded clothes!

This is the only place where you’ll able to find some ‘ Hot labels’ at drool worthy prices. All you have to explore it till your best deal.


Winters shopping

Sarojini Nagar market has the collection of winter stuff in different varieties. From Cute and cozy socks to Furry jackets, all you’ll find here at killer prices. Can you believe we got amazing warm pullovers at just Rs. 100 for each ? It doesn’t even look like that we are holding some seriously affordable stuff. Hands down!!


Footwear Paradise

It is an awesome place for footwear freaks like me. You will find some breathtaking variety of shoes and sandals at amazing price tags. From Sneakers to high heels, Sarojini Nagar will never disappoint you at all.


Amazing Range of imitation Jewellery 

I have seen loads of imitation jewellery there in Sarojini Nagar. From simple chokers to heavy metal accessories. It is the best place to get these for sure.


Cool Denim Stuff

I am sure, all of us love denim like anything. Denim is something that adds style and oomph in our personality. You’ll find some amazing denim clothing i.e. maxi dresses, shirts and gorgeous sets of sneakers.


Heaven for college and office goers

College and office goers who din’t want to spend more check Sarojini Nagar for sure. Whether, Its a hostel party or your bestie’s birthday. You’ll get amazing things here.


Don’t forget to check Clutches ad Slings

Last, but not the least, forget all the expensive totes and clutches, Sarojini Nagar has some amazing varieties of clutches and slings and it’ll save you from spending valuable bucks for sure.


  1. I went there, and could not survive there for long. All the dhakka-mukka actually made me walk without even me willing to walk. I am glad to see that you enjoyed there. Makes me kinda rethink to visit there.

    • I never experienced any dhakka mukki there..it might be because of the day or time ..you can see we were easily able to shoot also 🙂


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