10 Irresistible Eyeliner Looks



10 Irresistible Eyeliner Looks

Makeup is that one thing that allows playing around with numerous looks, eye makeup being the most playful thing. You can be sultry, romantic, dramatic, soft or adventurous with your eye makeup looks. It is more sort of portraying your character as per your mood.

When I talk about eye looks people promptly think of eye shadows and different combinations for different looks, but I say do not ever underestimate the power of eye liner. They are the most crucial factor in determining where your look lands you. A perfect combination of eye shadows with the wrong eye liner look and shade can totally ruin your look, and make you look like someone you never thought of.

We have a wide color range in eye liners today, all in different textures and forms. You can choose your bet from among the huge variety and try out different looks. Of course eye liner application calls for a steady hand and this ain’t anything impossible, few practice sessions can help you nail this art.

Today I shall share with you all ten irresistible eye liner looks which we created here on wiseshe. You will love these and can choose some for you to try.

Have a look.

Blue Cat Eye Liner Look


nyx blue cat eyeliner look


Who can ignore blue? Neither me nor can you!

This is a kind of attention edgy and attractive eye look which never fails to grab attention. This look is perfect to try when you are fun filled and wish to add some spunk. Trust me on this, when you carry this look on, you will garner oodles of praises, of course the charm of cobalt blue is undeniable.

For this look here I have used two eye liners, NYX Gel Eye Liner Dark Brown and NYX Gel Eyeliner Cobalt Blue, apart from the regular base makeup.

Feline Open Eye Liner Look


feline open liner eyemakeup


Winged eye liners and cat eye liners looks are two most popular eye looks and when you combine these together you get an awesome look. Feline open eye liner look here is a mix of winged and cat eye liner looks. Though this look may look a little complex but that is not the truth. To create this look you simply need to draw a cat eye liner close to the upper lash line and a winged eye liner just a little above the cat liner flick.

Graphic Eye Liner Look


Winged Eyeliner graphic eyeliner tutorial+how to apply winged eyeliner


Graphic eye liner looks are usually bold and not many people dare try these, but variation and creativity go hand in hand with makeup. This graphic eye liner look is fabulous, easy and can be carried by all. This look is an enhanced version of the traditional cat eye looks.

Egyptian Cat Eye Liner Look


Egyptian cat liner eyemakeup


You simply cannot deny the unique appeal of this look. The moment I saw this I was more than tempted to try this. To create this look apply a medium-thick stroke of liner on your upper lash line and wing it out from both the corners. Now take the liner and start lining the lower lash line. Start from the outer corner and move inwards. When you reach midway, drop the line, don’t line rest of the lower lash line.

Cleopatra Style Winged Look


eyeliner makeup+Cleopatra Style Winged eyeliner


Who does not know Cleopatra? She was known for her charm & beauty, and her eye liner look still keep us captivated. This look is a simple extension of the traditional winged eye liner looks.

The Double Decker Eye Liner Look


double cat eyeliner makeup


This look allows you to play around with colors. You can try pairing any dark eye liner shade with any lighter colored eye liner and voila you are ready to rock the double decker eye liner look. For this look you need to apply a medium stroke of eyeliner along the top lash line, adding tails at the outer and inner corners. Now take any eyeliner and start lining close to the black line.

Blue Winged Eye Liner Look


Blue Winged Eye Liner Look


Here we have another blue eye liner look, but this time it is winged. Of course you can try this same look with any other colored eye liner of your choice but this shade happens to be most appealing. Just a slight hint of kohl and loads of mascara will make this look all the more gorgeous.

Inside Dark Eye Liner Look


inner corner dark catliner


This is a personal favorite look. For this look all you need to do is to get hold of a black or charcoal colored eye shadow and apply on the inner one third of the eye and blend with a cream/off white or any neutral colored eye shadow. Complete by applying a medium stroke of eyeliner along the top lash line, adding tails at the outer and inner corners.

Patterned Eye Liner Look


How to apply gel eyeliner


This is what we call a variation. Drawing patterns with eye liner is not just artistic but also looks really unique and feminine. Pattern linings are nothing new and were followed by women of ancient years too, but now they have lost the popularity, nevertheless, I am still in awe with the pattern lining idea.

Kitty Cat Eye Liner Look


Kitty Cat liner


This look clearly defines likings leaning towards obsession. A cat lover will adore this look. A little more perfection than the regular eye lining is required for this look. This more of a fun look but if you are bold and creative enough, you can surely rock this with ease.

These were some gorgeous eye liner looks that we created on wiseshe. You can check our blog for more of makeup looks. I hope you people like these. So what is the wait for you, practice your favorite eye looks and surprise the world with the new you.

Which eyeliner look did you like the most?

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  1. You know you’re an avid WiseShe follower when you call look at these posts and tell whose eyes they are! 😛 Madhubani’s double decker look is flawless! I would love a tutorial for the kitty cat look though.

      • Can’t wait 😀 I tried the double decker look a quiet a bit of times. Worked out well for me. Need a little more drama 😉

  2. Madhu your eyeliner looks are stunning and not possible for me to do in this life! 😉

    Loved Ana’s cobalt blue eyeliner look to the core!


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