10 Irresistible Puff Hair Styles



10 Irresistible Puff Hair Styles

Puff hairstyles are rocking the fashion circle like never before. Once which was a runway trendsetter is now a craze among most of the women worldwide, especially school-college students. It is one of the easiest and most versatile hairstyle favored by both celebrities and everyday women alike. It is here since the last few years, and not going away anytime soon. Reason? Because we are absolutely loving it.

So, sharing with you all 10 irresistible puff hairstyles..

Ponytail with front poof


deepika padukone puff hairstyle


The most common of all, and the most favorite of all. A puffed up front section with a clean tidy pony is very versatile and is good for all places and all occasions. A favorite of many celebrities, this hairstyle has its own appeal. Very feminine, sweet and soft.

Ponytail with bangs and poof


celebrity puff hair style


A more sophisticated version of the previous one. This is more casual, and can be sported in cocktail parties, wedding functions or other informal gatherings. A bouffant in the front, some messy bangs and a effortless ponytail, you are all set to rock the party.

A puffed updo


puff hairstyle ideas


Create a front bouffant and pull your hair off the shoulders and neck into a inverted bun style and held in place with clips, barrettes or other hair accessories. Usually this hairstyle is used for special events, such as weddings, proms, or appearances at fancy shindigs. But you can also try this at formal events.

Wedding puffed bun


puff bun hair style


Buns are elegant and the weddings are incomplete without them. A voluminous low bun complemented by bouffant and side-swept bangs is much more beautiful and attractive than a normal one. And when it is your D-day, it has to be the best. If you are seeking for a perfect, simple yet alluring hairstyle, then this is it.

Side poofs


Side poofs hair style


You love to try poof hairstyles, but think front poofs are too cliché? Then try this. Normal poof with twist.

Braid and Bouffant


Braid and Bouffant hairstyle


This is a killing combination and can change your look in a jiffy. This hairstyle is a sure head turner and will make you the centre of the show. For braids you can go with whatever you like, from normal ones and French braids to fishtail braids and mermaid braids.

The milkmaid braided puff


milkmaid braided puff hairstyle


The breezy braided style is a beautiful alternative to a half up half down hairstyle. By braiding the section along the hairline, you’ll be able to keep your hair out your face, and then make a soft poof, pin the portion up and allow the rest of your hair some freedom of movement. Very chic and elegant.

Puff and open hair


easy Puff hairstyle


This is the easiest of all. Just grab the bit of hair where you want the poof and then tease the back of the hair and then secure it with at least with 2 pins. Brush the remaining portion of the hair and you are done. You can also curl the hair for the added oomph.

Side partitioned neat bun with puff


bun with puff celebrity style


Merge the beauties of poof and the elegance of a neat bun into one and look stunning. This is a timeless hairstyle that will not date.
*if you don’t like portioned, you can go with neatly teased poof and neat bun like Deepika here.

Go retro


retro puffed hairstyle


Want to try puff, but don’t want to get bugged up of those sleek and straight braids and want something more stylish, something that is wild and screams elegance? Then pull off the 60s inspired high puff hairstyle. This vintage looking hairstyle is great for weddings and other parties.

Have you tried puff hairstyles? What are your favorites?

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