10 Japanese Hairstyles With Sticks


10 Japanese Hairstyles With Sticks

Hair sticks are used to make various hairstyles. Such hairstyles were quite popular among Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Japanese people. In Japan using hair stick is still  attached to traditions especially to Geisha but the style is contemporary as well. Simple wooden chopsticks can be used for the purpose. These days elaborately designed hair sticks are also available that can be made of plastic, wood or metals.

Hairstyles with sticks look quite attractive and give a unique look to the wearer. You need practice to learn to hold hairstyles with sticks only. You can also make hairstyles using hidden hairpins and then wear sticks to get a stylish look.

Here are 10 Japanese hairstyles with sticks that will inspire you. Concentrate on pictures because I don’t have much to say about this stick-y hairstyles 😛

japanese hairstyles with sticks (1)

This hairstyle has used quite a few twists and turns. The end result is a perfect bun. I am wondering how it can be done with just one stick.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (2)

This looks complex! It is a bun with five strand braid. How elaborate but still looks simple 😛

japanese hairstyles with sticks (3)

Here we see a knotted messy bun that has been held in place using a decorative hair stick. The stick looks quite like an arrow.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (4)

Isn’t it looking like a Japanese take on French twist. This is a great hairstyle for even formal events.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (5)

A voluminous bun on top of head looks pretty. The bun has been decorated with flowers beautiful sticks.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (6)

Another bun on top of head but this one is on the messier side and is an everyday kinda look.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (7)

I like how the bun consists of loops. It looks neat and messy at the same time.This Japanese hairstyle with sticks is quite pretty.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (8)

Ivory sticks have been used to keep a small bun in place. I’ve seen simple sticks many times but seeing ivory sticks in hair for the first time.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (9)

I often make this bun albeit with a hair-tie. Sticks are giving this simple hairstyle a very different look.

japanese hairstyles with sticks (10)

Here is a beautiful Geisha in all her finery. The hair is impeccable and gorgeous.

Have you tried Japanese hairstyles with sticks?

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  1. One of my aunt makes a high bun with a stick..she even taught me but my layer hairstyle never helped me in making the perfect bun!!
    Stick wali hairstyle looks really cool!
    Nice post Maitri! loved it! 🙂


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