10 Kitchen Items that Helps You to Get Clear Skin


Hey Everyone,

Human mind is always keen on things that attract. Like for example, if I ask you, how did you choose your last shampoo? Did you actually try it or you went for the fancy packaging? I am sure most of you would answer that packaging was the factor that you considered. Agree?

Well this is the impact of modern advertising mechanisms that we have actually given up on our readily available and natural ingredients that can help us with our beauty and health care regimes very well.
My post today will make you realize how and where we lag and how we can make use of our kitchen items to take care of our skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vineger

Vinegar is a very effective ingredient which can be used to treat acne. You can use it for your skin as a toner and cleanser. It can help in healing your skin with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties correcting the pH balance of the skin.



This would be reiteration but I do not mind it as lemon is something we all know about. It is used in various DIY packs for face, for hair and in general for health as well which help us in clearing the skin of all the impurities it could get.

Aloe Vera

aloevera for skin and hair

Mostly available in all homes, Aloe Vera is a definite solution to many skin problems. We know and we have seen a lot of treatments that are possible for the skin through this plant.


sugar olive oil

Sugar is the most basic ingredient you would find in your kitchen. One can make effective scrubs using sugar which will help you exfoliate and moisturize your skin.


We all usually have this in our kitchen as the daily breakfast. I have shared previously the various benefits the oatmeal can provide as an effective scrub.


Cucumber juice is another basic thing you can expect to cure many of your skin troubles specially acne. Eating cucumber and drinking its juice can also prove quite beneficial.


Honey is the best moisturizer one can get. If you have honey at home, you can create various face masks, skin creams for your benefit.


Peels of tomatoes are really good for the skin. Once you use the pulp on your skin, you get to see a lot of improvement specially for people with oily and dry skin.

Baking Soda

baking soda
Applying baking soda on your skin can also prove quite beneficial for your skin. Try making a paste of it with water and apply on your skin, specially if you have an acne problem. Don’t be surprised with the results.


Turmeric is an age old remedy to many skin as well as health problems. You should try and use it for your skin quite often. We should not forget how importantly turmeric is used during the wedding seasons.

Hope these 10 things that are readily available in your kitchen are helpful to you and make you feel good about your skin. Make the most of these things and help you achieve a clear skin type. These things had always been around us but wish we knew what to do with them.


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