10 Korean Hairstyles


10 Korean Hairstyles

Korean women are known for their flawless beauty and a degree of cuteness in their faces. But besides looking flawless, another thing which makes them stand out among a crowd of people is their hairstyle. Stylish and chic, no one can carry these hairstyles better than them. It seems that funky hairstyles are just made for them.

So today I’ll be listing top 10 Korean hairstyles. Enjoy..!!

Messy Bun:

Messy Bun - Korean Hairstyle

Want to get you on with the boho-chic trend? Then go for the messy buns instead of neat ones. Run your fingers through your hair. Make a messy front poof and secure with pins. Tie the rest of your hair in a messy bun and pin it. The binding is more loosely done as compared to normal buns.

Long Hair:

Long Hair - Korean Hairstyle

Sleek long air with front bangs is very common amongst the Korean beauties. They usually keep their long hair open. Long hair seems beautiful whether they design it or let it stay simply open.

Angled/Elevated Bob:

Angled Bob - Korean Hairstyle

Graduated bob haircut with side parting creates a classic look for the girl.

Normal Bob:

Normal Bob - Korean Hairstyle

A very easy to carry and maintain bob cut that suits Korean women from 9 to 90 and to the tee.

Long Waves:

Long Waves - Korean Hairstyle

Koreans generally have sleek long hair, but many times they are seen flaunting soft waves and a soft fringe. Some are naturally blessed, some have curling rods. Yes, there are lots of methods to make straight long hair appear much more gorgeous with a touch of waves.

A Simple Clean Bun:

Simple Clean Bun - Korean Hairstyle

They say Putting your hair into a bun is one thing; putting it into a neat bun is another. Not only Korean beauties, everybody looks so fresh and tidy in clean, neat buns. A classic neat bun is a timeless hairstyle that will not date.

Ponytails/ Horsetails:

Ponytail - Korean Hairstyle

From school, college to prom parties and farewell parties. This is a go to look of many girls worldwide. This hairstyle is very versatile and an ultimate favorite of Korean women.

Puffed open hair:

Puffed Open Hair - Korean Hairstyle

Puffed up air is very common these days and the craze is not going to fade anytime soon.

Both Side Braided:

Both Side Braided - Korean Hairstyle

A favorite of Korean girls who are still in their sweet teens. This is simple and looks so chic and stylish when teamed and paired well with dresses.


Traditional - Korean Hairstyle

Though Korean women are seen flaunting different chic and stylish hairstyles throughout the year, but on special occasions they still prefer their traditional buns and braids.  Eo’yeo Meori happens to be my most favorite, it looks so royal.

Have you tried any of these Korean hairstyles?

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  1. All the hairstyles look so cute on these cute girls. ^_^ Koreans luk sooo cuteee…… 🙂
    Except traditional I can try everything else. 😛 That seems way too difficult hehe… But I lyk d messy bun a lot.


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