10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair

Having those lustrous long tresses has its own advantage. Of course it takes a lot manage those long hair but when you do it all right you have a mane to envy girls around you.

Short hair, pixie hair etc have been on and off in trends but long tresses never seem to loose their charm and are always in trend. Long hair have various different hair styles in option but making a trending hairstyle from the pool of various hair styles is where women get confused.

Just when we talk about trending hairstyles, how can I not share with you all about what’s trending? The trend in 2015 is more about reviving the old hairstyles with a twist, after all “Old Is Gold”. Today I shall share 10 latest hairstyles for long hair. Come have a look.

Braided Headband


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair -BRAIDED HEADBAND

Create a chic headband with your hair is very cute. This is quite a popular bohemian hairstyle. We see here how cute is Paris Hilton is looking with this hairstyle. Braided headband looks all the more gorgeous with long soft curls.

French Braids


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair -FRENCH BRAIDS

Fishtail braids have been around from quite some while; fishtail braid is basically a variation of French Braids and now after the fishtail braids, the popular French braids are back in trend. For a new style look you can add a little variation to your braid and instead of doing it the traditional way start the braid from a side, as shown in the picture.

Crimped Hair


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair -CRIMPED HAIR

Crimped hair look bets on long hair. Here in the picture, Tyra Bank sports  crimped tresses and chose to braid the mid parted front section of her hair, the variation to simple crimped hairstyle looks great.

Perky Ponytail


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair -PRETTY PONYTAIL

Ditch the simple ponytail and perk up your fashion quotient with this pretty ponytail. Pull back your hair in a ponytail wrap small sections of the ponytail with hair ties. The hairstyle reminds me of Princes Jasmine from the Disney ‘Aladin’ series, I am a fan of Aladin series, how about you?

Voluminous Curls


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair -VOLUMINOUS CURLS

Curls are super chic and can glam up the whole look. Sofia Vergara looks uber sexy with those mid parted big, loose curls.

Braided Messy Bun


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - BRAIDED MESSY BUN

After the messy side braids, it is now the braided messy buns to be the new trend. Maria Menounos rocks the braided messy bun with full elegance.

Bedhead Hair


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - BEDHEAD HAIR

That’s the easiest hairstyle to create and the coolest one too. Girls with wavy hair may find it all the more easy. We see Selena Gomez rocking the effortless bedhead hairstyle.  Just roll out of bed, spritz some salt spray onto your hair, scrunch it from tips to roots, and there you go.

Slicked Back Hair


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - SLICKED BACK

This is a suave hairstyle which is super easy to create. Kim Kardashian’s slicked-back strands look super sexy. Deepika Padukone too was seen flaunting slicked back hair in the recent Stardust awards.

Pulled Back Bun


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - PULLED BACK BUN

That’s my go to hairstyle. A little height in the front to prevent the bun from looking too severe, is the trick here, which also adds some chic factor. Tease the roots by your forehead, make a mid level pony and wrap it into a bun.

Twist It Down


10 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair - TWIST IT DOWN

This hairstyle is an easy way to achieve the boho look. Lauren Conrad looks lovely with this hairstyle. Just grab small sections from the front, twist them back and secure with pins.

These were the latest trending hairstyles for long hair. Which among these do you like?

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