10 Layered Bangs Hairstyles You Can Try


10 Layered Bangs Hairstyles You Can Try

Hey girls!

Bangs are one of the most stylish & trendy hairdos to sport. There are different ways you can style your hair with bangs. However, it is important that whatever hairstyle you choose, should complement the shape of your face. So, today let’s take a look at different layered bangs hairstyles that you can rock!

Bangs With Long Layers: Get over the simple straight long hairdos & try bangs with long layers. Long layers add definition to your face & highlight your facial features. Side-parted bangs look really trendy & pretty as well.

Layered Bangs And Curls: Bangs look great on curly hair too! They look very cute & add a feminine touch to your overall look. Along with framing the face, they also make the hair more manageable.

80s Bangs

Bangs With Soft Layers: Soft & delicate layers add a fresh feel & makes you look much more classy & elegant. Whether it is a center-part or a side-part, both look stylish & are perfect for evening get-together.


Bangs With Layered Bob: Bobs are back with a bang this time! They look really chic & are easy to manage as well. The layers step-up your hair game & make them appear more voluminous. Also, you experiment with a lot of different choices such as asymmetrical layers, layers with highlights, thick bangs, etc.

Ponytail with bangs and poof

Bangs With Deep Layers: Bangs can also be paired up with deep layers. They look stylish & classy at the same time. You can either go with blunt bangs or keep them side-swept.


Bangs And Wavy Layers: Wavy layers have a certain charm & elegance to them! And, pairing them up with bangs sure makes a statement. You can either try side-sweeping bangs or side-angled bangs to rock this look!

Straight Layers With Thick Fringe: Long straight tresses never go out of style! You can try almost any hairstyle with those flowing luscious locks. To try this hairdo, add subtle layers to straight hair & go for a thick fringe on the front. It looks stylish as well as elegant.

priyanka chopra bangs hairstyle

Messy Layers With Bangs: Messy layers when paired with bangs add loads of oomph & looks super chic. You could also try side-swept bangs to make it look even more stylish.

Long thin Layered hairstyle

Shaggy Layers And Bangs: Shaggy layers add texture to the hair & look uber-chic. They also give a fuller look & take you regular hairdo to the next level.

textured layers

Tousled Layers With Thick Fringe: Last but definitely not the least, you can also try tousled layers & sport a thick fringe to step up your hair game. This looks really stylish & would work well both for casual as well as formal occasions.

Which of these is your favorite?

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