10 Lazy Girl’s Beauty Hacks!


Hello, all lazy beauties!


beauty hacks


How are you all doing? Well, being lazy is not at all a crime especially when the person writing this is the laziest of all. 😛  But being lazy and not caring about your beauty is surely a crime and we won’t let you commit that. Beauty hacks are something which we are fond of as they give us the desired results without making us work hard. And this post is all about some amazing beauty hacks for all Lazy Bums out there! Take a look.



10 beauty hacks for lazy girls!

  • Use Cello Tape for drawing the perfect winged liner

winged eyeliner with whitedress


Do you feel your eyeliner is never on fleak? Well, not anymore! This procedure will make sure you have that perfect cat eye winged liner. Just apply a cello tape on the outer side of the eyes extending from the lower lash line to the out point of your eyebrow. Then draw the eyeliner. Wolla! Super precise cat eyeliner at your service.

  • Apply a nude eye pencil to make eyes look wide open

vitamin e oil for eyes


If you feel sleepy and still have to go to your office, we have that perfect solution for you. Apply a nude eye pencil at the lower lash line as well as the inner corners. You will look awake and your eyes will look wide open.

  • Contouring is just number 3


Do you feel contouring is just not your cup of tea? Well, then this hack is for you. Just draw a simple number 3 starting from above the eyebrows down the nose. Make the first stroke just below the place you will apply the concealer and then again at the hollows of the cheeks. Simple right!

  • Mascara clumps? Not anymore!


mascara review


If your mascara is old and has clumps in it and our lazy lady is not interested in stepping out of the house, then just pour in few drops of contact lens solution in it. It will make the mascara as good as new. We strictly advise not to use mascara after 6 months of opening.

  • Card to apply lower lash mascara

toothbrush for mascara

If you have a problem in applying mascara to the lower eyelashes, then this hack is for you girl! Place a card just below the lower lashes and apply the mascara. In this way, even if you mess up, it won’t destroy your under eye area.
  • Dark foundation? Not a worry!

foundation mistake

If your foundation is darker than your skin tone, then you don’t need to create a fuss. Just mix it with a moisturiser and apply. And even if you feel, your foundation is still dark, apply as a cream contour. It won’t look perfect but it will work.
  • Lipstick last longer

Do you like reapplying lipsticks again and again? I hope not! Well, then there is a solution for you too. Just dab a tissue paper over the first coat of lippy and then apply some translucent powder over it. Apply another coat of lipstick. This will make sure your lips have some colour even if the top layer is gone due to eating and drinking.
  • Make your feet crack free

If you hate doing your pedicure every now and then, this hack will save your life. Clean your feet and apply some foot cream or petroleum jelly on all over your feet. Sleep with comfy socks on! And see magic in some days.
  • Fake that fake eyelash effect

leek eyelashes faux cils siamese eyelashes

If you hate applying false lashes, then we have a trick to make your real lashes look like falsies. Apply one coat of mascara and then one coat of translucent powder then again another coat of mascara. That’s it. See the difference yourself.
  • Cover up your tired eyes!


concealer highlighter by sleek makeup

If you are one among those who prefers being a night owl, well then, your eyes are bound to look tired, But I have a solution for them too! Just apply some concealer all over the eyelid and under the eye. Curl your lashes and apply some nude eye pencil. And you are all done!
That’s all folks!



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