10 Lipsticks Suggestions Of Aishwarya Rai


10 Lipsticks Suggestions Of Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarys Rai is one of the most iconic Miss World India is very proud to be associated with. She has represented the country on various international platforms and is surely considered one of the most beautiful women in the world with the various ranking surveys every year.

She has achieved a lot in her life and after being a Miss World she started her Bollywood journey which saw tremendous performances from this veteran actress with great acting skills.

A mother to a 3 year old toddler, Aishwarya enjoyed the joys of motherhood without any pressure. The year 2014 witnessed Aishwarya in bang on appearance when she emerged as a stunning lady on the red carpet and looking certainly not a mother to a toddler.

I have compiled a list of some great lipsticks from each of her praiseworthy looks in the past few months.

Here they are-

Aishwarya At Cannes

The Aishwarya we saw at Cannes was bold and outgoing unlike the natural nudes she always manages to pull og effortlessly. The shade was even officially launched by the brand she endorses i.e. Loreal Paris and the lip shade I would suggest for this lip color of her is surely Loreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lincoln Rose. Buy Loreal Paris Lincoln Rose Lipstick from Flipkart.com here .

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 1

At a Brand Event

Aishwarya is mostly known to wear subtle and nude shades and emphasizes more on her stunning eyes to standout in her each look. Here the shade looks almost nude and I would suggest that MAC Honey Love would look similar to the lip shade she is wearing.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 3

Aishwarya At a Fashion Event

AIshwarya is an international celebrity and so she endorses many reputed brands and this is another one of her great looks where she flaunts very pretty pink lips with an ethnic outfit. The lip shade that would match with this look is Sephora Mega Shine Lipstick Forever Yours.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 5

Aishwarya At a Public event

I really liked the subtle makeup she aired with an ethnic Anarkali gown and really a nude lipstick did a lot in enhancing her beautiful facial features. The lipstick I would suggest for this look would be MAC Half & Half Lipstick.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 4

Aishwarya on Her Birthday

She is naturally beautiful and so she looks utterly beautiful even with the slightest makeup on her. She appeared in this simple Anarkali red suit on her Birthday this year and kept the look minimal as always. The lip shade I would suggest here would be  MAC Off Shoot.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 2

Aishwarya At Mumbai Film Festival

Aish looked stunning in this Sabyasachi saree and wore a light tinted lipstick with this look. The lip shade Ideal for this look would be Loreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Spring Rosette.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 7

Aishwarya at Cannes Event

I really liked this look more than the red carpet look of her at the Cannes Film Festival. The lipstick I would suggest for this look of her is Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick Red Carpet.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 8

Aishwarya’s Another Cannes appearance

This time Aishwarya played safe again and saved from getting the looks repeated at another red carpet event at he Cannes and opted for bare nude lips and very subtle makeup. The lip shade I would suggest here is NYX Round Lipstick in Champagne.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 9

Aishwarya at a public appearance

I loved the green anarkali suit and liked the look even more. The lipstick shade I would suggest to be a close match for this look would be Loreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick in Sheer Plum.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 6

Aishwarya’s last year Cannes appearance

I am not very fond of the hairdo Aishwaya opted for in her appearance but the makeup was certainly flawless and fresh looking on her lovely face. The lipstick shade I would suggest here is L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Glamor Fuchsia.

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 10

I hope you liked these lipstick suggestions!

Which one is your favorite?

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