10 Make-Up Tips You Must Know For Daily Use


10 Make-Up Tips You Must Know For Daily Use

Make-up, make-up everywhere! There is indeed a lot to learn about make-up. The name make-up in itself means making yourself up, but don’t let the name fool you. The key to perfect make-up is to using it in a way so as to look natural, and REAL, and not at all made-up!

Beauty Hacks are something which are so utterly flooding the Internet but while going through them, certainly there comes a time when we feel that had the tips been a bit more practical and realistic! Yep, we all have gone through it, and we know how it feels!

Whether you are a veteran who knows how to rock the best bold lips and hot Smokey eye, or just a beginner, struggling with the basic eyeliners; we have compiled a list of 10 most useful tips and tricks out there in the market.

Read below to know the best of hacks!

1. Concealing magique

Ran out of concealer? Go grab your favorite liquid foundation. Apply a thick glob of it to the spot you need to conceal and wait till the liquid gets thick and sets. Then blend it in like your regular concealer.


2. The blending triangle

While trying to cover up your dark circles busing a concealer, most of us use the dot-to-dot method, and apply concealer only on the targeted blemishes. Though partially successful, this is not the correct way to hide dark circles. To fully cover your dark under-eye area, apply your concealer in an inverted triangle shape; the pointed edge of the triangle pointing downwards, i.e. away from the eye! Now blend, blend, blend!

3. Gel Eyeliner on a budget

Gel eye liners are a savior. Aren’t they? But they are as expensive as they are useful. But you can convert any ordinary kohl or eyeliner pencil into a gel liner. Want to know how? Just take your pencil over a flame and heat it for about 5 seconds, wait a few seconds for the pencil to cool down and apply the pencil. The end result is a more bold and smudge-proof eyeliner.

Essence GelEyeliner Midnight in Paris

4. Scotch-tape to the rescue

To achieve the perfect looking eye make-up, give scotch tape a try. No kidding. Take a small piece of scotch tape, press the sticky side on the back of your palm and softly rub, to remove any excess gum from the tape. Now place this piece of scotch tape on the outer edges of your eye, in a slightly angled manner. This technique lets you know till where you need to apply make-up without going overboard. It is most beneficial when you are looking for the sultry cat-eye look.

5. Strong Brow-game

Fuller eyebrows are all the rage in today’s fashion streets. No we are not talking about Simran’s (Kajol) bushy brows from DDLJ, but Deepika Padukone’s classy eyebrows. Avoid over plucking hairs from your brows and comb it with a brow brush or an old, clean mascara wand. Then fill the tamed brows with a waxy pencil to complete the look. For a more natural look try layering the waxy penciled brow with a smooth dark-brownish powder. We even recommend using a clear brow gel to set your brows in place.


6. The long-lasting mascara

Wasting your mascara may sound like a bad idea, but if I say it helps to achieve the clump-free lashes you all dream of? How? Just wipe off you mascara wand on a piece of tissue before each application, and then apply. In this way you can apply mascara in a more balanced and seamless manner.

7. The trick to flawless Liquid Liner

Liquid eyeliners can be a bit tricky. Ok, a LOT tricky. But that does not mean it can keep us away from the sexy, defined look that only liquid liners can help us achieve. Take a nude or taupe colored pencil and trace the lines of your eyes with it. Then using your liquid eyeliner, move the brush on top of that practice line. This technique helps achieve perfectly smooth eyeliner without feathering.

Lakme Insta Liquid liner in Jet Black

8. Plumper lips

Plump lips are god’s perfect gift. We are talking of Angelina Jolie’s oh-so-sexy pucker. Achieving plump lips without the painful surgeries is quite easy, but the effects are temporary. Take a mixture of ground cinnamon and olive oil. Pick up this mixture on to the bristles of your old toothbrush and brush your lips with it. The cinnamon has a warming effect on your lips and can give a mild tingling sensation on the lips, which is a sure shot indication that the product is working.

9. Ultra-defined lip color

After applying a darker shade of lipstick, take your concealer on your precision concealer brush and clean away all the little, uneven lines which can ruin the entire look. Nothings worse than an undefined bold lip, aren’t it?

10. The ultra red-lip trend

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Diva Red 500

Trying to get used to the red-lipstick trend, but not yet confident about it? We have a solution. Apply your favorite red lippie, and then blend it with your fingers. This way you can wear your lipstick as a stain without feeling conscious of the color. This trick is applicable even to other bold colors you may want to try.

Which of these 10 make-up tips have you tried?

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