10 Makeup Brushes To Get A Pro Makeup Look


10 Makeup Brushes To Get A Pro Makeup Look

Makeup brushes are surely an investment and I so agree with this now! After my first Real Techniques Brush set, I understood how important it is to have a brush set for a flawless makeup look at your home and you do not have to always book an appointment at a salon to get that professional makeup look you want for going to a wedding occasion or party!

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A lot of makeup novices are not correctly acknowledged about the right makeup brushes. Also with so many types of brushes available these days, we often get confused as to which are perfect to pick and which are just waste!

Well, it is practically not possible to cover all the makeup brushes in your vanity. So one needs to start with some basic brushes which will fulfill their makeup needs to get a professional makeup look!


Here is a quick guide on the best 10 brushes all makeup artists suggest to include for a woman to be able to do her makeup in the most flawless way with a professional perfection!

Concealer Brush-

Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush Review

Before applying anything, a concealer is a must to use and hide the blemishes or dark eye circles! And for that matter a concealer brush is perfect. It can easily hide breakouts as well to give a flawless looking face!

Foundation Brush-

Real Techniques pointed foundation brush

A compact foundation brush is a must for the smooth and even toned makeup look. It also gives a decent canvas to further use beautifying makeup items like highlighter and blush etc.

Blending Brush-

E40 Sgma+Sigma E40 Brush Tapered blending

A blending brush is a must have for the flawless eye makeup. It easily blends the eye shadow along the natural crease of your eyes making it look perfect and flawless. The blending brush can also be used in many other ways for contouring, highlighting and blending on the narrows of the face!

Blush Brush-


A blush brush should not be too big and not be too small. It should just fit the size of the apples of the face! The bristles should be dense. And it should sweep effortlessly on the apples to give a natural looking blush on the face!

Contouring Brush-

coastal scents classic blush large natural review+ coastal scents blush brush review

A contouring blush as the name suggests in mainly to fill in the hollows of the face to gives a defined look to the facial features. It can also be used to highlight the areas of the face like the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose, brow bone etc.

Eyeliner Brush-

Maybelline lasting drama swirl gel liner in Brown & gold review + brown & gold gel liner

If you wish to get a professional makeup done then it should definitely be long staying! For the eyes you need to use gel eyeliner. And that requires an eye brush for smudge-proof long staying eye makeup look! It makes the eyeliner application very easy and gives a more precised look!

Highlighter Brush-

A highlighter brush is what will make your face glow so naturally and also give a natural look to the foundation making it appear very natural!

Powder Brush-

bare escentuals angled face brush review+ powder brush

A powder brush is usually the biggest of all and is mainly used to give a finishing look to the overall makeup by a loose translucent powder or a compact powder! It sets the foundation and makes it appear natural!

Lip Brush-


A lip brush is mainly to apply lip color with utmost precision and accuracy for professional makeup looks like a party or engagement! Many of us are not very fond of lip brush and find the lipstick bullet much easier but if you wish use a lip pot then a lip brush is a must!

Brow Brush-

Classic Blender Pointed Natural brush + Classic Brow Natural brush+ coastal scents brush

How can one forget about the brow brush! Well, this is extremely essential to give an arched and defined look to the brows even if they are not in the perfect shaped! Those women who have sparse eye brows need to use a brow brush to make their eye makeup look attractive!

Hope you all know which brushes to pick up next to build your own go-to brush set for any kind of heavy makeup look!

Have you tried any of these makeup brushes before?

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