10 Makeup Hacks From Pinterest We Should Follow


10 Makeup Hacks From Pinterest We Should Follow

Pinterest has opened a completely new world for we all makeup and beauty enthusiasts. We get to see millions of images and videos related to wide range of subjects uploaded by people around the world. I really love to check unique and simple DIYs beauty and makeup tricks every now and then. Recently while checking pinterest, I came across several useful makeup and beauty hacks that caught my interest. Lets check out some of those useful pins that I have started following:

Winged liner for different eye shapes


different eyeliner styles trick


If we have different makeup techniques for different eye shapes then why can’t we have different winged liner style for us? Earlier I used to stick to one or two style of creating winged liner however, in this pin we can see, there is a particular style of creating it according to our eye shapes.

How to fix broken blush


how to fix broken blush


I know how it feels when our favourite blusher gets damaged, my heart literally crashes down. 😀 we all might have experienced this at least once. We need absolutely nothing, just little amount of alcohol, a transparent sheet, tweezer and a small brush. Just follow the steps and get your blush as new as if it was never broken.

Longlasting lipcolor


lipstick makeup hack


Now who does not want their lip colors to stay whole day long? Just follow these simple tricks of using loose powder and a blotting tissue and it will enhance the lasting power of your favourite lipstick for sure.

How to get a perfect red pout


tricks to get a perfect red pout


This one is one of my favourite pins I came across. It is important to exfoliate our lips and to apply our lipstick with a lip brush. Usage of lip liner makes our lipstick look more opaque and gives us fuller lips. It is important to know the formula of each lipstick and apply accordingly. Never forget, there is a red for everyone. Blue based red suits fair skin tones, orange reds suit medium skin tones and burgundy red looks flattering on dusky skin tones.

Eye liner styles


eyeliner styles to try


I follow some 3-4 styles while applying liquid or gel liners. This pin is quite interesting and allows us to experiment a lot with our liners. Each liner style is beautiful and can give you a completely different look each time. I will religiously follow these styles now.

How to make your lipstick matte


tricks to make your lipstick matte


We all come across several lipsticks that looks flattering on our skin tone but due to creamy or glossy finish those do not last for a long time. I liked this trick of applying one’s favourite lip color followed by dabbing of blusher of same shade. This not only makes you lipstick last longer but also makes it matte and opaque.

Steps of contouring and highlighting


simple Steps of contouring highlighting


No makeup look is complete without proper contouring and highlighting. This pin focuses on particular areas where we should apply and blend our contour cream or powder and highlighter. Just follow the steps as shown in the pin and proceed accordingly to get chiselled sculpted look.

Usage of various eye makeup brushes


eye makeup brushes


This pin will be useful for eye makeup beginners. We buy eye makeup brushes, however precise knowledge about the usage of each brush is quite important to achieve great results.

Eyebrow shape for different face types


eyebrow shape for face type


We all have distinct face shape, so accordingly we should shape our eyebrows. For e.g- On a round face, round shaped brows never suit, it rather makes one’s face look rounder. Arch shaped brows look flattering on a round face. Just keep these tips in your mind and flaunt your gorgeous brows !

Right blusher shade for your skin tone


right blush for skintone


In market we come across blushers of innumerable shades and texture. However, we should buy blushers according to our tone. We get tempted to try as many shades as possible, but many shades can look OTT on us or rather can make us look more aged than we are. So the sole purpose of blushers is defeated by choosing a wrong shade. This pin tells you your right shade.

Do you have more makeup hacks to share?

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