10 Makeup Ideas For Beginners In Makeup


10 Makeup Ideas For Beginners In Makeup


Wiseshe is heaven for makeup lovers. We have many makeup junkies here who are pro in it. But again many girls are new to makeup and may even feel intimidated by it. Even though I’m still learning, I must say that I learnt a lot since I came across Wiseshe and many more makeup ideas on the internet. I’m building up my tiny collection and have some simple tips for girls who are new to the colourful world of makeup. This post is more like what I did when I started out and also includes what I missed. Take a look-



makeup tips for beginners


Skin Care


If you think that makeup can hide almost all flaws, you are right but bad skin does not make the makeup look as good as it should. So before getting started with the paint-job fix the cracks. Make CTM an integral part of your regimen. Eat good food and be regular with face packs and exfoliation.


MUA professional primer review

If you are new to makeup then this word may sound intriguing but actually primer is a big help for perfect makeup. It is really easy to use a primer. You have to apply it just like your regular face cream or serum. Primer shrinks the facial pores, makes skin smoother and makes makeup last longer.

You can skip it if you have very good skin and do not need makeup to last for longer hours.


stippling brush foundation application

Invest in good quality brushes. As a beginner you may feel spending big bucks on brushes too much. But the truth is that right tools are as essential for makeup as cosmetics. Start with some drugstore brushes. As a newbie, you will need a foundation brush or sponge, blush brush, lip brush and eyebrow comb.


4 foundations that photograph well+Clinique superblendable and maybelline dream liquid mousse

Foundations are available in a huge variety. There are sticks, liquids, creams, powders, gels, mousses and what not. The sheer variety is enough to deter a beginner. It will be better if you start off with BB creams or tinted moisturizers. Find a shade closest to your skin tone.

BB creams and TMs are light and easy to wear. There is hardly any of chance of them looking fake. On the other hand, if you don’t apply foundation properly, your makeup may go awry.

Concealer and Powder

15Color Cosmetic Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette

As a beginner, use concealer only if you must. Dab it on blemishes with your ring finger and blend with BB cream, TM or foundation. Concealer should be just one shade lighter than your complexion. If you feel confused, pick one that matches your tone perfectly. Never ever go too light or your face will look patchy.

Powder is reserved for the beginners who have oily skin otherwise skip it as too much layering may spoil your face.


4 Revlon Powder Blushes

Do not take blush to be a high-profile product. Every girl should use a blush regardless of being a beginner or a pro. Sweep a little on your cheekbones in circular motion.

Not every blush shade is meant for every complexion. If you have fair skin, pick a pink or peach, pick dusty rose or bronze colors for olive skin and deep colours for dark skin.


MAC Mascara Betty

Mascara is a must for bigger, opened-up eyes. Moreover it is really simple to use it even if you are just starting out. Apply mascara on lashes and separate them with a lash comb or clean mascara wand. Do not apply more than 2 layers. Also do not let the first coat dry before applying the second.


New lakme eyeconic kajal price shades

Liquid or gel eyeliners may be too much for makeup babies. Start with pencil kohls. These are non-messy and easy to use. We have many tips for perfecting the kajal.

Eyebrow kits or pencils are heavy duty products so simply groom your brows with an eyebrow comb so that they stay in perfect shape.

Lip colours

inglot pink lipstick swatches

Again go safe and start with lighter and My Lips But Better kind of shades. Light pinks for fair skin, dusty pinks for olive and yummy berry pink shades for dark skin are good to start with. Glossy lipsticks or lip glosses are a good start. Matte lipsticks need some expertise so save them for later.


Blending is the key to good makeup so remember it always. Do not do your makeup in a hurry and if you are in a hurry, skip a few steps but never skip blending. Tapping and circular motions are needed for a well blended, natural-looking makeup.

Do you have more makeup tips for beginners?

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