10 Makeup Mistakes That Will Age You


10 Makeup Mistakes That Will Age You


When you think that you know everything about makeup, something new comes up :-D. You choose everything with a lot of effort but when you look at the result on your face, you feel five years older, It can be even 10 years :-P.

But don’t start slathering your anti-ageing cream yet. Read below and find out, if you are committing any of these crimes and your face is taking the punishment-

Wrong Foundation


Lakme FaceStylist Foundation Handswatch

This is the worst that you can do to your face. Going too dark or too light instantly adds years to your face. The foundation should look natural and not cake-y. The best way to use foundation is to mix it with a little moisturizer for a natural look. Always buff the foundation rather than painting it onto your skin.

Concealing the Obvious


15Color Cosmetic Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette

Don’t go overboard with concealer especially for your under-eye area. Too much concealer ends up highlighting the pores and fine lines. Always wear a moisturiser to smoothen the face and then apply concealer.

Pick the right shade of concealer, one that matches or is just a shade lighter than your skin. Using an illuminating concealer is a good idea and so is to use a good colour corrector.

Too Much Lining


Bourjois Levres Contour LipLiner Facetieuse

I hope that you don’t stick to the 90s trend of lipliner that is a shade darker than your lipstick. A lipliner should match your lipstick colour exactly. To avoid any mismatch, fill your lips with the closest matching lipliner and then apply lipstick.
A great tip that I learnt and swear by is to use a lipliner that matches your natural lip-colour to fill your lips. It solves the trouble of finding too many lipliners and keeps your lipstick in place. I keep only three, one in pink for all pink lipsticks, one brown for matching with my lips and one red.

The Blushing Mistake


MUA Perfection Cream Blush in Dolly+mua

Applying blush on the apples of cheeks doesn’t mean putting a big plop there. Also if you apply blush too low, your face will look saggy. Start from below the centre of your eyes and sweep the brush upwards. It will also slim down your face. Try to pick a blush that goes with your lipstick colour.

The Old Kohl


How to apply MAC Gel eyeliner

Do you apply kohl only on your lower lid? Stop right now! You are not a baby anymore. Remember mom’s way of applying kajal to save you from evil-eyes? You are doing exactly the same thing. Applying kohl this way pulls your face down and make you look older.
Line both upper and lower lids and smudge a little for a soft look.

Too Plucky


eyebrow pencil

And I’m not talking about courage here. Do not over-pluck your eye brows. Thin eyebrows are bound to make you look older. Probably that is why, thick eyebrows are in vogue again. Fill your eyebrows using quick and short strokes of a pencil or an eyebrow powder. Never use the exact shade of eyebrow pencil as your eyebrow, rather go a shade lighter.

Bold Shadows on Eyes


ELF Butter Pecan eyeshadow Duo Review+ elf neutral eyeshadow

Say no to that when you are not going to a club. Wear subtle shades like browns, peaches, pinks and at most purple or teal for a charming look. The best way to amp up your eyes is to curl your lashes and wear loads of mascara.

Deep Lipsticks


lovely coral lipstick shade

Deep and dark lipsticks make your lips look thinner which adds years to yours face. No browns and burgundies. Rather choose bright shades like reds and pinks. For fuller lips apply clear gloss on the centre of your lower lip. You can also highlight your cupid’s bow.

Heavy Powders


Palladio Translucent Rice Powder

You may need a powder to set your foundation but never ever set it with a heavy coverage powder. This makes your skin look aged. Always use translucent powder to set the makeup. Blotting papers are your best friends to stay shine-free.

Mascara-ed lower Lashes


MUA Waterproof Mascara EOTD

If you didn’t know this, note it down- Until and unless you are going dramatic, never apply mascara on your lower lashes. It makes your eyes look droopy. Limit the mascara to upper lashes for opened up eyes. Mascara on lower lashes can also highlight your dark circles.

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