10 Makeup Tips For Blondes


10 Makeup Tips For Blondes

Though blondes have been associated with the epitome of beauty since time immemorial, think Marilyn Monroe; one thing they lack in is choices when it comes to makeup. So the only thing blonde beauties lack in, will be served to them, smoking hot. πŸ˜‰

waves blonde hairstyle

Underneath are a few beauty pointers for you golden-haired girls.

Keep in mind your eye color

The best tip any blonde could get for her make-up is choosing colors which compliment her eye color whether brown, blue, or green. Brown peepers look sordidly amazing with brown and taupe shadows, bronze and copper eyeliners; rose, lavender, deep plums, and silver shadows and eyeliners would complement blue eyes beautifully; while green peepers would look their best in lilac, grey, blue and deep plum eye shadows and blue eyeliners.

Consult a specialist to decipher your skin undertones

Undermining your skin undertones is a very important step when it comes to deciding the fate of your make-up stash. Although there are no strict rules when it comes to makeup; t is an art after all; but even an artist needs to know his palette and color scheme for producing a flawless art. Consult a makeup artist, or the SA at your local makeup counter, to undermine your skin tone, whether cool , warm or neutral. For instance, if someone was of a cool-pale skin tone, she should avoid products which would further intensify her paleness. As simple as that.

Grey Smokey eye can be your best friend

I know, blondes are usually advised to steer clear from dark smokey eyes; but how can we forget the eternal beauty of a gorgeously done smokey eye. The one, and the perhaps the most easiest way to ease into the smokey-eye trend is to swap your regular black eye shadow for a striking dark-grey eye shadow, and recreate the smokey eye. It looks equally fabulous, and less stark; a total win-win. But, no pastel or pale greys please, think bright, dark and bold grey colors.

Pale pinks are not an option

As it is you girls lack color and warmth in your skin, and when it comes to choosing colors, you need something which warms up your skin and add color to it. Agreed, people advise blonde women to opt for pastel eye shadows, but let me make this clear, pastel pinks will do no good other than washing you out; which is; trust me, not flattering at all. But if you feel a bit adventurous and want to experiment, go and sweep some pale pink shadow on your lids but make sure to stay away a few hundred miles away from pale pink blush. Please, pretty please.

Emphasis on your brows and lashes

One thing which can add structure to your face is your lashes and brow hair. Agreed they are a bit paler when it comes to blonde women, but that gives them even more scope for experimentation. Brown mascaras are your best bet, but you can play around with purple and blue mascaras as well; though black can look a bit too dramatic for your look. Similarly, use tinted powders or gels to groom your eyebrows. Just make sure to use something just a shade or two darker than your natural hair.

braided styling for blonde hair

Platinum blondes

Blondes are not just blondes, they have variations to them. The most strikingly different of them being the platinum blondes, with their whitish-golden luxuriantly hued hair. Now given that your hair are well, so bright and light in color, you get all the freedom to goof up with cool-toned blues and silvers. Not many get the opportunity to do so, unless they want to look like a disco ball. But you my girls, can rock it in a chick way.

Golden blondes

The most neutral and versatile of the blonde women, the golden blondes have a lot of color to back up their make-up choices. Agreed that pale pinks would however not work for them too, but they can always opt for deeper hues of peaches and pinks and experiment with corals as well. Just stay away from yellow-toned makeup products; given your yellow tinged-hair, they can dissect each other drastically.

Strawberry blondes

You girls are quite lucky when it comes to makeup choices. You beautiful ladies should make the most use of your strawberry highlights and amp up your lashes using black mascara. Trust me, your hair and handle it beautifully. And for your lips, go bold with a bright matte pink lippie or dab on a bit of tinted/clear gloss; all looks good on you. πŸ˜‰

Say yes to peach blush

The best color a blonde girl’s cheeks can prettify is peach. Be it warm or cool, powder or cream variation, peach blush is one thing which a Blondie can never go wrong with. Sweep some on the cheeks and blend it outwards and upwards, it is the most perfect thing you can do when it comes to make-up. And the no-pale-colors-please motto goes for this pretty peach blush too. Smile now. πŸ™‚

Play up your lips

The only liberty you can take with your makeup is when it comes to your lips. I would say go play up your lip makeup girls, they are your safest bet. Bold, bright pinks, cool toned peaches, shimmer glosses, cool hued nudes, and even the most-dreaded blue-based red lipstick is something you girls can and should play up with. And when it comes to make up. what is it that you have to lose anyways?

hairstyle for blonde hair

So here we are done with the most basic makeup tricks and tips for you blonde beauties. How much you may hate to hear that your hair has a yellow tinge, it does, and you should work upon accentuating the yellow undertones in your hair and not work against it.

After all, you are one of the few lucky ones who were blessed with Marilyn Monroe trademark hair color. πŸ™‚

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