10 Makeup Tips For Combination Skin


10 Makeup Tips For Combination Skin


Combination skin is not easy to take care of and it is equally difficult to choose the right makeup for such skin. You always risk looking either flaky or slick if the makeup goes wrong. But you don’t need to worry as we are here to help. To start with always try to buy makeup that says ‘long-lasting’. Now go through these simple ideas that will help in making your combo skin look great-



homemade face wash

Perfectly cleansed skin is the best way to start your makeup. You don’t want oily zones to sabotage your makeup. Cleanse well to make your makeup last.



Khadi Rose Moisturiser review

Use a light, oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Use the moisturizer all over your face. Then take a good moisturizing cream and massage it only on the dry areas like, temples and cheeks. Stay away from T-zone while doing this step otherwise your skin will turn super slick.




The third tip is to apply a good primer on your face. Pay special attention to oily areas. Priming will close the open pores and this will result in less oil production.
Instead of priming, you can also try rubbing an ice cube on your face. For this, you need to put the ice cube inside a muslin cloth and massage your face with it.



Face highlighter

For a natural glow, it is advised to use highlighter before you apply your foundation. Apply highlighter on your cheeks’ high points. Pat a little on forehead, nose-bridge and chin. Blend really well.

Foundation Application


Max factor face finity foundation review+makeup foundation

After highlighting, its time to give some coverage to face. Always use an oil-free foundation. Liquid foundations are good for combination skin. Powder foundations can dry up the parched areas of your face. Dot the foundation all over your face and blend outwards.



INGLOT Freedom Style cream CONCEALER

You can use concealer before or after the foundation application as per your preference. Use a creamy concealer. Dab it on blemishes and blend with light strokes of your finger or a concealer brush.

Do not use concealer on lids if you have oily lids. It is better to use an eyeshadow primer for that purpose.



inglot loose powder review+best brush for loose powder

Combination skin does not need heavy pressed powders as it may really dehydrate the skin. It is better to dust on some loose powder on the T-zone and the leftovers on your brush can be used to go over the rest of your face.

Bronze Up


Revlon Photoready Bronzer Bronzed-Chic

Take a bronzer and lightly swipe it on your forehead, cheekbones, nose-bridge and chin. Most of these areas are oily on your face so get a mattifying bronzer.


cream blush mua

Use a cream-blush to add some flush on your dehydrated cheeks. You can tap a little powder blush over it to seal the creamy colour.
Do not forget some lovely eye makeup. Finish with a pretty lip-colour.



NYX Matte Blotting Paper Review+cheap blotting paper

Always carry blotting-sheets with you. Whenever you spot a little shine on your face, just dab the blotting paper lightly on the area. This will soak up the grease while keeping your makeup intact. Do not rub.

Do you have any more makeup tips for combination skin?

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