10 Makeup Tips For Glass Wearers


10 Makeup Tips For Glass Wearers

This is going to be one of my favorite posts and I dedicate this to those lovely people who are beautiful in glasses. My roommate, she is a pretty lady in glasses, and there was a time when she used to think that nothing really suited her because she had those glasses covering her eyes. From then, I started guiding her with makeup tips that not only changed the way she looked, but also boosted her confidence as well.


eyeglass makeup tips


So sharing some easy-peasy tips and tricks with you all. Hope you like them.

Bold Lips:

Pop up your lips with bold and bright lip shades. Go for bright fuchsia, sexy reds and gorgeous corals to enhance the whole look. You will notice how your face will instantly change and you will look extremely elegant without trying too hard. When going for bold lips, avoid too much eye makeup. Just mascara and liner on upper eye lashes will be enough.


make up tips for glass wearer


Accentuate eyes:

I have seen that most of glass wearers think that no eye makeup can suit them as everything would remain hidden behind the glasses. But this is not absolutely correct. One should remember that when you are wearing glasses, it already draws attention to your face and your eyes, and that’s why your eye makeup should be clean, defined and perfect. Go for smudged kohl and smoky eyes. They look super sexy behind the glasses. Some colors on eyes can look gorgeous too. And peachy nude lips this time.


eyemakeup tips for glass wearing girls



Liner thickness is very crucial when you are wearing glasses. If your frames are thicker, apply thicker strokes of liner to the upper lash so that eyes stand out. If your frames are thinner, go for thinner liner.

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Cat eye eyeliner:

I actually love this for eyeglass wearers because so many of us forget that we can actually play with our eyeliner! Just the smallest little tip upward or a natural cat-eye is a great way to really make your eyes stand out. You can go bold with lips as well with this look.


cat eyeliner for spectacles


Mascara Magic:

When you don’t want to wear any makeup, just use an eyelash curler and apply loads of mascara. This can add oomph to your simplest of looks.


thick mascara for glass wearing girls


Conceal dark circles (If any):

As I mentioned earlier, specs draws attention to your face and your eyes, so it is very necessary to conceal dark circles if you have any. So invest in a good concealer and conceal well the area around your eyes, it will make your eyes look bright and fresh.

Groom your eyelashes:

If you are glass wearer, make sure you have proper tamed and groomed eye brows always. Eyebrows help to frame your face and unruly, untrimmed can mess the whole look. And don’t forget to fill in the sparse spaces.

Complement, NOT compete:

Experiment at home with colors to see what suit your eyes and the frame of your glasses.

Don’t overdo your shadow, if you do so, it will just clash with your frames and end up looking garish. Go for at max dual shades of eye shadow on eyes of the same color family. And don’t move your eye makeup above the frame. Keep them simple.

Blushy Blush:

Don’t ignore your cheeks. Go for pretty pinky and peachy blushes to complement your frames. This will add a natural flush of colors to your cheeks and make you look fresh, healthy and glowing. You can dab som highlighter too on your cheekbones.


makeup tips for spectacles


Highlight lower lash line:

Instead of using dark colored kohl on your lower lash line, add some shimmers to highlight and draw attention to your eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger, more beautiful and unique. I tried this on my roommate, and she got many compliments.

Hope these tips are helpful for all the beautiful glass wearers. Try them and let us know how you feel.

Do you have more tips to share?

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