10 Makeup Tips For Monsoon



Ten Makeup Tips For Monsoon

Monsoon is such a lovely weather and is considered as the most romantic weather of all. But how do we manage to go on romantic dates in monsoons with our makeup on during monsoons? That is a big issue for many girls who are not aware about some basics makeup handling tips for monsoon.

I have seen girls who decide to go bare on skin just because they are not sure how will their makeup behave in monsoon season, of course I too had a similar phase when I was not too much into makeup and feared to get a mess with makeup.
But not anymore, and ma sure you too will say “Not Any more”.

Makeup in monsoons is not as complicated as a Science Project and does not have a hard set of rules to be followed. It is all about some basics and understanding your skin behavior in monsoons:


monsoon makeup tips

 If you have oily skin, use an astringent and if you have normal skin, use a toner before applying makeup. Wash your face with cool water and after that rub an ice cube on the face for 10 minutes. This will help reduce sweating and hence allow the makeup to last longer.

Good Primer:
Invest in a good oil free primer. A good primer will help in keeping the makeup in place for longer durations.

Skip Foundation: Avoid using too much foundation, especially cream foundations since this may look patchy due to the humidity of this season. Use BB creams and then use translucent powder or mineralized foundation to set the look.

 Depending upon how your skin behaves, if it tends to get oilier in humidity use a powder blush and if you have dry skin that behaves normally, use a cream blush. Try to keep the blush natural and blend it perfectly to get natural look. Dusty pinks and peaches will look great in this season.

 Use powder eyeshadows for oily lids and cream eyeshadows for normal skins. Shades of brown, pink, orange and champagne are good picks for this season.

Eyeliner, Kajal and Mascara:
 This is mandatory in monsoons to invest in waterproof eye makeup basics. I am sure none of you will desire to see your liner dripping down in rains. Waterproof mascara, eyeliner and kajal are must for this season to save you from the embarrassment.

 Try and avoid gloss and cream finish lipsticks, instead prefer matte and powder mattes.

Eyebrows Taming
: Keep your eyebrows in shape with proper threading and try to avoid eyebrow pencils. You can certainly use eye brow gel to keep your brows in place.

Make up for day and night:
 There is not much difference between Make up for day and night since during monsoon we do not opt for heavy makeup bases. Try to keep your makeup minimalistic and natural. To bring a difference to your looks you can however choose pastels in the day and opt for deeper colors in the night. This tip goes well with both lip colors and eye shadows.

Hygiene for monsoon makeup:
 It is of utmost importance to keep your makeup brushes clean. Store them in a dry place and also try cleaning them after every use, since in monsoon season bacteria develops very fast. And bacteria caught brushes may ruin your skin.

Sharing is an offence when it comes to makeup. Do not share your brushes or your makeup with any one, not even your mom or sister. Everybody has different skin types and skin issues.

Sharing of makeup may lead to poor skin conditions.

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