10 Makeup Wipes Available In India


10 Makeup Wipes Available In India

Hello Beauties,

Makeup looks great and hides away the imperfections of the face giving you a flawless skin. It is essentially great for those who suffer from several skin blemishes or pigmentation. Well, Makeup Removal is as important as any other beauty ritual and there are many who tend to ignore this essential step due to lack of time or pure laziness. Also while travelling, makeup removal is quite difficult as you don’t have time to go through the proper cleansing method.

neutrogena makeup cleansing towelettes

So, to make things easy and practically possible for all the people who are super busy or always on the move, Facial makeup wipes were introduced by cosmetic brands to assist in easy makeup removal anywhere any time without consuming much time. Nowadays there are various brands of facial tissues which are pre-moistened with cleansing cream or solution to effectively enable in removing makeup from the face.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

neutrogena makeup remover cleansing wipes

I hope you already read the review of this amazing product which was recently reviewed on Wiseshe. These are certainly handy items to carry on a holiday and deeply removes every trace of makeup. The wet towelettes are moist enough that you wouldn’t need any other cleanser along with it. Th main purpose is to promote makeup cleansing in an easy way before going to bed!

Price-$6.99 for 25towelettes

Johnson’s Baby Wet Wipes

johnsons baby wipes

The most common baby wipes that people use in their day to day life is the Johnson’s Baby Wet Wipes which is extremely gentle to suit the baby skin and removes makeup so easily and without irritating the skin at all. A number of beauties swear to use this as an effective makeup remover even while travelling.

Price- INR 389 for 160 pieces.

MAC Makeup Wipes

These makeup removing wipes from the renowned brand MAC is certainly worth trying as it gently wies off the grime and excess oil from the skin without making it to dry. The vitamin E content in these wipes protects the skin and nourishes along with cleansing it thoroughly. These are great for those who are always travelling and have a busy schedule.

Price- INR 2746 for 30 makeup wipes

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wipes

the body shop facial wipes

Another one offered from the renowned name in India is The Body Shop which offers these gentle makeup wipes enriched with vitamin E. These effectively clean makeup and other harmful impurities from the face and leave a clearer skin without any trace of makeup!

Price- 6.50 GBP for 25 wipes

Essence Makeup Remover Wipes

Essence is an international brand but almost all the makeup products are easily available in India on many online portals. It also offers makeup remover wipes exclusively to meet the makeup removal needs and making the procedure less time taking.

Price- INR 199 for 15 wipes

Kara Makeup Removal Wipes

Kara Refreshing Facial Wipes with cucumber and Aloe Vera+hand wipes

This is certainly one of the best makeup removal tissues available in India which is affordable and effectively cleans the skin. It is composed of the 100% natural and biodegradable plant cellulose and helps in cleansing the skin along with maintaining the natural moisture level. It contains the goodness of aloe vera, cucumber & mint.

Price-INR 130 for 25 wipes

Dettol Original Multi-Use Wipes

dettol multi use wipes

I spotted these on Flipkart and asked my friend if any of them had used it. Well, one of my relatives had used these wipes from Dettol basically for proper hygiene when she was travelling but it also served as a brilliant makeup remover wipe for her skin and I was convinced that it surely is great for makeup cleansing as well apart from other things!

Price-INR 115 for 30 wipes

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wet Wipes

Another one offered from the herbal brand is Himalaya Gentle Baby wet wipes which are really convenient and readily available everywhere to make the makeup cleansing process easier. It is cheap and works wonderfully in removing makeup from the skin in a gentle way.

Price-INR 165 for 72 wipes

Ginni Clea Makeup Remover Wet Wipes

Ginni Clea Cleansing and Make-up Remover Wipes

This is yet another brand of products which offers wet wipes for makeup removal. work to quickly and effectively remove make up even the water-proof ones . It helps removing impurities, unclog pores and also the excess oil form the skin therefore helps your skin to breath.

Price- INR 50 for 30 wipes

Dermalogica Precleanse Moistened Wipes

dermalogica cleansing wipes

These makeup wipes offers a lot to skincare as it is fee from parabens, colors or any fragrance which may irritate the skin. It is also safe and perfect to use around the eye area to get rid of the waterproof eye makeup & mascara. It doesn’t clogs ores and also makes sure to naturally remove traces of makeup without stripping off the natural sebum in the skin. Just a swipe of these moistened wipes on the skin takes away the excess skin build up and leaves the skin smooth!

Price- INR 1750 for 20 wipes

These were some of the best available facial tissues/ makeup wipes available in India! I hope you like these suggestions. 🙂

Have you tried these makeup wipes before?

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  1. I absolutely love makeup wipes … always have a few packets lying around the house and one in the car. There are some products here that irritated my skin so, I would never recommend them. Neutrogena wipes is the only one I use.


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