10 Masaba Gupta Sarees We Are In Love With



10 Masaba Gupta Sarees We Are In Love With


Masaba Gupta loves neon and we love her creations. She keeps dishing out amazing dresses and has totally redefined sarees. the 11 yard garment is not that traditional anymore thanks to some quirky innovative ideas by Masaba. Her sarees have gained a lot of fan-following. Find out why-

Green and Gold Saree


masaba gupta saree

Mugdha Godse looks enviable in this lovely dual toned saree. This one is simple and is perfect for many occasions.

Pink Saree


saree masaba gupta

Pink, blue, black and white! All the lovely colours in a saree can grab anyone’s attention. It is attention grabbing in a subtle way.

Pink and Black Saree


masaba gupta best sarees

Quite a creative piece! The blackness is perfectly contrasted with neon pink.

Black Saree


masaba gupta lovely sarees

Ignore the angry model and check out the shiny saree. Love the colour transition. And the colourful print on the top saves the saree from looking dull.

More Pink


sarees masaba gupta

The beautiful Masaba herself! She looks very pretty in this breezy saree with light colours and bright border.

White Saree


best masaba gupta sarees

A toned down saree by Masaba Gupta. The saree is very simple but what makes it unique is the cow print.

Fresh Green Saree


lovely masaba gupta sarees

This saree belongs to one of Masaba’s resort collections and totally fits the theme. The colour blocking makes this saree suitable for every fashionista.

Sheer Floral Saree


sarees by masaba gupta

Its such an ethereal piece. The floral print is not like the usual fare. Big black flowers on white saree, soft monochromatic style.

Hand Print Saree


masaba sarees

The pletas are white with hands printed all over. The pallu is a sultry sheer grey and the border pops up nicely.

Script Print Saree


script saree masaba

I don’t know which script has been printed on this quirky saree but one thing is certain that the pattern is drool-worthy. The contrasting colours used here work perfectly.

Which is your favourite out of these?

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