10 Medium Length Hairstyle Inspirations From Celebrities


10 Medium Length Hairstyle Inspirations From Celebrities

If you do not have long hair or have wavy hair, it does not mean you cannot celebrate being a woman or if you are only supposed to keep your hair as it is. Okay, we do not have personal stylists but we can definitely learn about more to do with our hair ourselves. From where? From the celebrities we see on screens all day.

Lets examine one by one what can be done to our short hair to be part of the in regime!

Anushka Sharma


She was so happy with her look in PK that she went ahead for the haircut in real life. The cut, usually known as the Pixie Cut is quite a popular style across the Europe and the US. The hair is shorter in the front and longer at the back and is usually popular with people with longer face like Anushka’s. It goes well with western outfits and is preferred mostly by people who are more tom-boyish in nature. The bangs at the forehead are pretty cool and make you have a changed look. The biggest advantage is that this hairstyle does not take time to be set and one can be ready at a go. The disadvantage is that they usually do not suit everyone.

Mandira Bedi


Another woman in the league to have broken the shield of women are meant to have longer hair, is Mandira Bedi. She, being a typical Punjabi girl had a longer hair but we now see her adorn shorter hair since years. She has also busted the stereotype myth of this hairstyle not going with Indian attire. I remember her looking hot in all her Indian sarees while being the emcee for ESPN Star Sports during cricket matches. The hair did suit her attire and she looks hot in whatever she wears with this hairstyle.

Akshara Hassan


Her look in the movie Shamitabh was just amazing mostly because of her asymmetrical short bob cut. The look is quite unique and you do not find many people with this hairstyle still. It suits the personality of a thin girl with a round or an oval face for sure.

Emma Watson

emma watson half up hair

Half-up half-down look of Emma Watson looks awesomely good and is easy to make for people with short hair and busy lives. The haircut looks amazingly good with options in puffs. One could puff less or more and use it with different moderation of hair.

Sonakshi Sinha

best lipsticks sonakshi

Classy straight short hair as sported by Sonakshi Sinha is always in fashion. The look suits all kind of attire and face styles. Specially if your face is long, it would suit you making your face look thinner. You can part your hair sideways or center as per your face cut and moderate accordingly. Alike Sonakshi, one could also go for highlights.

Priyanka Chopra

priyanka latest look

She is seen sporting bob curly haircut which not only suits her personality but also enhances her look manifold making her look chic and younger than her age. So even if you have curly hair, you can try this haircut which makes your hair look worth the curls!

Any of the hairstyles you choose should be as per your face cut. Do try these, I personally love Priyanka Chopra’s curly haircut as it would go well with my kind of hair which are deeply curly.

Which of these celebrity inspirations did you like most?

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