10 Mermaid Braids- Sidewise


10 Mermaid Braids- Sidewise


Every girl loves fishtail braids. They are not only pretty but are easy once you get the hang of it. Even I can do it now without looking in the mirror even though I’ve not done it more than 10 times. Fishtails are a huge fashion statement, whether you make a big one or just a basic simple one. The messy trend is good because it is the best excuse for being clumsy :-P.

You can make the mermaid braid in many styles when the basics are in place. I’ve compiled some beautiful pictures that will totally inspire you. Take a look and you will feel like learning them immediately. You can learn it here.

The Basic Mermaid


easy fishtail braid

Starting with the basics, you can sport this simple braid at any occasion. It is clean and beautifully done. If you have no layers then your fishtail can turn out like this easily.

Curls and Tail


easy mermaid braid

It is amazing! Remember that I’ll keep saying this again and again for fishtails. The mermaid braid is simple but the curls added on the back of head make it just too pretty.

The Colourful Mermaid


fishtail braid side wise

This one is so amazingly beautiful that I had to pick it. This seems like a lot of work but the ombre hair and wrapped braid is hard to ignore.

The Big Braid


fishtail braid

A simple mermaid braid has been done loosely here. You can achieve these look by doing a braid and then stretching it with hands. Thicker the hair, better the result.

Band and Fish


lovely mermaid braid

A tightly done braid made chic with a shimmery accessory. A cool way to look instantly Bohemian.

Braid on Braid


mermaid braid sidewise

Braided headband merged with fishtail is a truly amazing way to look gorgeous. Such hairstyles give you the looks of a Disney princess. Love Elsa!

Twisted Mermaid Braid


mermaid braid

This is truly a braid with a twist. It is great for everyday as well as for a party. All depends on how you style it.

Bubbly Mermaid


unique fishtails

Like the simple way of getting the bubbled braid, a fishtail braid can be bubbled up as well. Just make a tiny fishtail, tie it and make another. Keep doing this till you reach the end.

Mermaid with Bouffant


beautiful fishtail braid

The fishtail trend mixed up with some retro glam is a great remix of hairstyles. It gives you the best of both worlds.

Mermaid braid with open hair


beautiful mermaid braid

Remember the days when we loved to do tiny simple braids with open hair? I loved it in my school days. Bring the cute back but add some glam to it with fishtail and waves.

Which is your favorite hair style?

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  1. i get to see so many of these here around. though a little messy, but they look real stylish. nice one maitri. 🙂

  2. i want to try all these styles but sadly i don’t know how to do a fishtail braid. jab basics hi nahi maloom toh exams kya pass karoongi?


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