10 Must Have Beauty And Makeup Products For Holidays


10 Must Have Beauty And Makeup Products For Holidays

Hello people, How are your vacation planning going on? The month of December is one big holiday month with Christmas and New Year’s Eve to its credit. I have already applied for leave at my workplace for the last week of December but the vacation destination is still a mystery for me. I simply cannot decide on one. Nonetheless I have my other stuff ready like my dresses for all sorts of events that may come across, and of course my vanity list too is ready. This reminds me of how about sharing 10 Must Have Beauty And Makeup Products For Holidays.


Dig in to match your list with mine.

Dry Shampoo

bblunt dry shampoo review india

Does it even need an explanation to as to why you need one? We must accept the fact that washing hair everyday on a vacation seems so impossible, but the dirt always catches up leaving the hair limply and sticky. You definitely need one dry shampoo in your vanity to bring back life to hair without even washing them. Of course it won’t give you as fresh hair as you would have after a wash, but shortcuts are what we look for during vacations.

Face Mask

MS Overnight Mask

Moving around in sun and a lot of sightseeing takes a toll on your skin. This calls for extra care as you would not want to have ghastly pictures from your vacation. Do not miss to take your favorite face mask with you on your vacations. The overnight face masks are the best to be used as quick treatments during vacations.

BB Cream

Maybelline-BB-cream-review-+-maybelline-bb-cream+Maybellie BB Cream India review

Ditch the foundation on your holiday and give space to BB creams in your vanity. These days we have a great range of BB creams which are more of a multitasker. Most BB creams serve the purpose of sunscreens, moisturizers, and foundation. So why bulk up your vanity, rather give space to this magical tube. I am a fan of Maybelline BB cream. A lot may come and go but this BB cream always stays put in my vanity.

Skin Color Corrector or Concealor

sleek color corrector palette

You got to have on high coverage concealor. A high coverage concealor will help in covering up any imperfections on your face, even the ones that are a result of the vacations and may ruin your pictures. I would infact prefer having a skin color corrector palette to cover up the blemishes or the dark circles that may be a result of late night drinks.

Graffiti or Shimmer nail paint

Maybelline Red Carpet nail paint

You may wonder when any nail paint would do then why did I mention categorically a graffiti or shimmer nail paint? Well you may apply any nail paint that you may want, but when the nail paint chips off, you need to wipe the whole end layer and reapply the stuff. With graffiti or shimmer nail paints the advantage is, first even if the nail paint chips it is not very peculiarly detectable, and even if it you may simply apply the thinnest coat over the chipped nail paint. You would see it is all good as fresh, without the cumbersome task of removing it all and starting from the scratch.


Calvin Klein SHEER BEAUTY Roller Ball Review Bottle+women perfume

These are essential to any vanity, but should not plan on taking the whole bottle of perfume with you on your holiday. With lots of to and fro you may actually end up breaking the glass bottle of your expensive perfume. Rather pick up the vials of your favorite fragrance, or take the mini bottles, like the ones that Zara or Calvin Klein has. Not only on holiday but I always keep one mini perfume bottle from Zara in my handbag.



A good voluminising, waterproof mascara is a must. Even if you do not do the whole face makeup, but please do not miss this baby from your vanity. Mascara not only adds length and volume to your eyelashes, but also makes your eyes look more open. A mascara curler too should accompany with the mascara to give the best eyelashes.

Tinted Lip Balms

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm

I personally prefer tinted lip balms over lipsticks when on a vacation. Of course I carry a couple of lippies too for the dinners and all, but for the daytime sightseeing stuff I prefer lip balms, and tinted lip balms are just the best. As they not only provide the care that your lips need, but also add some color to your lip.

Eye shadow Palette

Covergirl True Naked Roses Palette

A good nude eye shadow palette is all you need to add the slight oomph needed. A nude eye shadow palette will have all sort of subtle shades from rose to mauve to allow you play from a nude eye look to a smoky look without occupying much space.

Face Palette

Sleek Face Form Contouring And Blush Palette medium 374 review

Why a face palette? Well a face palette will have a highlighter, bronzer and blush all in one palette. These come in many shades; you pick what suits you the best, but ensure that it is pigmented well. A well pigmented palette will allow the flexibility to create a subtle look with just a hint of product and intensify the look with a little bit more of a product.

The list goes long, but if I were to pick the top ten, this is my list. Do not miss to take your makeup sponges and brushes if doing makeup with fingers is not your thing. Also if you are into using epilators, you may also wish to carry one to stay smooth through the holiday.

What are your top ten picks for the holidays? Share your picks with us. Have a great time at your holidays  :-))  :-))  :-))



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