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Summer is here and say hello to your changed makeup and beauty kitty! Makeup and beauty products should change with the season and so are the must haves. The winter must haves are entirely different from the summer must haves as both demand different fashion and beauty trends. In winters, we love that bold and vampy look with that strobing effect but summer calls for some floral and nude looks which will look fresh in this hot season. Presenting 10 Must haves summer beauty products which you must have in your kitty.

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10 Must-Have Summer Beauty Products

keep out of the sun

Sunscreens are a must when it comes to summer months. You can always choose your finish – matte, dewy or tinted and be ready to face the sun. Sunscreens should have the following factors in them when you choose the – High SPF protection, both UVA and UVB blockage and a wide PA+++ coverage. Also, remember to reapply your sunscreen every 3-4 hours for getting that maximum protection. Summer can’t make you look tanned!

Neutrogena revilatilize pink lip balm review+lip balm for pigmented lips

We all know lip balms as a must have for winter but do you know the same applies for summer as well? But for summers, always choose a lip balm with an SPF factor in them. Lips are softer than your whole body and tend to get dark if we don’t protect it. A good SPF based lip balm is ever essential in summers.

  • Nude and Bright Lip shades

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Lipstick fashion changes with the season. Winter demands some vampy and dark colours while summer calls for some nude and bright lip shades. Nudes, reds, pinks and oranges go really well for all skin complexions in summer. And for fair skin tone, even coral and peach do so well.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer indian skin

Who doesn’t want a sun-kissed look in summers? None I guess. And here comes Bronzers. As highlighters are a trend for winters, similarly bronzer is the summer baby. Get that sun-kissed look and rock the summer days in style.

Tanning is a very big problem in summer and one of the ways to get rid of tanning is to use a good body and face scrub. This not only helps to keep dead skin cells at bay but also helps to keep tanning away! Also, make sure to moisturise your skin properly after scrubbing otherwise you can have dry and dehydrated skin as well.

skin care tips for summer

Tanning calls for some anti-tan face pack as well. These face packs not only remove tan but also can help to get the glow back. You can always refer to our Best tan removal products post for suggestions.

Summer is all about pink, orange and other fun and girly colours. Bring up your brighter side and enjoy some bright nail paints this season. And as usual choose your finish – glossy, matte or pastel.

  • Toners and serums

beauty in summer

Toners and serums are an essential part of skin care regime all year round but during summer they have their own importance. We tend to skip the moisturiser part in summer as we feel it will make our face greasy. But our skin needs the same amount of nourishment and moisturization is summers as in winters and so the role of toners and serums is so important. Toners help to tone the face and prevent open pores issue. It also makes the skin hydrated and soft. Serums make the face moisturised and also keep greasiness at bay. Applying a serum is better in summers as they go deep into the skin and make it look soft and nourished without the “chip chip” feeling.

  • Perfumes

Who can forget perfumes when it is a post on summer essentials? We all get sweaty and yucky in summers and only a perfume can save us from that disgusting body odour. You can always choose from some variety of floral and girly scents. Fruity scents are also popular among girls.

  • Hair Masks

Not only winter, summer can also make our hair frizzy and rough. This calls for a good hair mask day. Applying a good and conditioning hair mask saves your scalp and hair from being dehydrated and rough. You can always prepare your own hair mask at home using natural ingredients. Hair Oiling is also important in summers as they keep the hair nourished and soft.

You can see this video here on hair care

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