10 Must Have Things To Buy From Sephora India


 10 Must Have Things To Buy From Sephora India

Sephora opened in India last year in Delhi. The high prices in the store did dampen a lot of spirits ( blame all the various taxes in our country),but when did high price become a deterrent for the beauty and makeup lovers? The fact that Sephora is doing so well in India despite the ridiculous pricing bears testament to this fact ! I havent been to Sephora in India yet-but having experienced Sephora abroad -I can tell you what are the must haves:

 Benetint/Posietint/Chacha Tint:



Benefit tint



These lip and cheek stains have found favour with everyone in this world. Benetint is rose tinted stain:Posietint is a light pink stain and ChaCha tint is  a coral stain . A little goes a long way and these three are usually available in mini packs ! I would highly recommend you go for one of the combi packs to get more bang for your buck!



Soap and Glory Bath products:


Soap and glory products come in this adorable pink packaging with their signature pink scent. The body butter and Hand food hand cream is fantastic and again these products are available in gift packs for the festive season.

soap and glory product India


Burt’s Bees Lip balm:


Burt's bees lip balm


What can I say about these Lip balms that already hasn’t been said? They are definitely more expensive in India compared to say Usa or Singapore,but totally worth it. They come in 4 Flavours-take your pick


must have burts bees


Multipurpose ointement by Burts bee’s : Ana has given this product a glowing review. She loves using it for her baby,although i reckon it can be used by anyone who has dry skin patches and rashes. A must have in my opinion. Review here. The other Skin care products by this brand are not to be missed

Sephora Products: Sephora has its own range of in-house products which stocks skincare,makeup  and nail paints. Their eyeshadows and blushes are fantastic VFM . Sephora also has a mind boggling range of nail paints- go take your pick:)

The In-house collection also boasts of a variety of pallets.

On the sephora International website I saw a variety of gift sets . I am really not sure if all are available here in India.



Nyx: Nyx has some “affordable “ products . They are priced much higher than they are in the USA,but this something we have make peace with. I really like the NYX blushes and there are a lot of MAC dupes available in Nyx.Also their Lip Cremes are legendary .


nyx products india must have



Stila: Stila was one of the first to launch colour correcting primers in the market.The convertible colour by Stila which is a cheek and lip colour is amazing for on the go grooming ! Also the gel eyeliners are worth a dekko.


must have stila products India


The face shop: I was happiest when I heard Sephora bought The Face Shop to us. Their masks are to die for and very luscious and fully natural. Its a brand from the far east and very popular in Singapore and Hongkong.

Besides these,Sephora a huge range of skincare and beauty products,perfumes etc.It  is actually a playground for makeup loving girls. So what constitutes your must haves?

 Do let us know what are your must have from Sephora India

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  1. I bought Sephora’s rouge lipstick and body lotion.. Both are good.. Sephora is really very attractive store.. Nyx stuff was mostly out of stock I asked for 4 products from nyx all were out of stock 🙁
    I want to try stila too 🙂

  2. sephora, i love there stuff, when ever i go to mall, i cant stop my self going to sephora, i love there all in one eyeliner, this black friday, there are good deals, 10 items each for 10$, i bought 6 out of them 🙂 every one where standing in the line before shop opens, and with 10 min all 10$ items where finished, luckily i was there 🙂

  3. I am planning to buy a full coverage concealer…should I head to Sephora or Bobbi Brown? I’m already using MAC Studio Fix concealer. Please suggest.

  4. Sweee!! M super duper angry with u..just when I stopped dreaming abt sephora n the face shop u came up with this…:'( M going to silk now…some one plz send me sephors stuffs..pretty please..

  5. Had the worst experience at their vasant kunj store, the staff does not know anything about the products and shove everything in your face.
    I only buy brands that I am loyal to and was almost forced into buying new products because they didnt have the ones I asked for, when I raised an issue about this, nothing was done.
    A brand name alone cannot sustain specially if the staff and managers are this inept with customer dealings, or may I think everything that comes to India will be met with such unfortunate issues.

  6. I want to buy in sephora website but in india we hav 6 digit pincode but it is accepting either 5 or 9 number only…plz help me ankitha

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