10 Must Know Benefits of Castor Oil in Beauty and Hair


10 Must Know Benefits of Castor Oil in Beauty and Hair


Castor Oil is a natural wonder. It helps with many health problems like arthritis and constipation etc. Apart from this you can get a lot more out of the simple bottle of castor oil.


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Castor oil for anti-ageing

Castor oil has the power to reverse the signs of ageing. If you have mature, ageing skin, apply castor oil daily on your face even on the area around eyes. It will slowly reduce the fine lines on your face and your skin will turn smoother and younger with regular use.

Castor Oil for Multiple Skin Issues

If you have sunburn or stretch marks, start using castor oil. It also helps in treating skin and skin infections like warts and athlete’s foot etc. To treat skin problems, apply some castor oil on the affected area with a cotton ball and leave for an hour. Wash off with water. Follow this step twice daily to get rid of skin problems

Castor Oil for Acne

You read it right! Castor oil helps in reducing acne. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil works against the bacteria that cause acne. Wash your face with warm water and massage with castor oil. Leave it overnight and wash your face again the next day.

Castor Oil for Scars

Besides diminishing pimples, regular usage of castor oil can also help in reduction of scars. Applying castor oil daily on scars results in lightening them. The oil penetrates inside our skin and works very well if used religiously.

Castor Oil for Lips

Just take a little drop of castor oil and massage your lips with it twice daily. Not only your chapped lips will be healed but they will become plump too. You will not feel any stickiness as the oil gets absorbed quickly.

Castor Oil for Heels

You can say goodbye to cracked heels if you use castor oil on them. Massage your heels with castor oil daily before going to bed. Wear socks to prevent the oil from dirtying your sheets. Your heels will turn soft in no time.

Castor Oil for Nails and Cuticles

Massage you hands twice daily with castor oil. Pay special attention to nails and cuticles. Give at least 5 minutes to massage and your hands will become softer than ever.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes and Brows

Applying a little castor oil on your eyebrows and lashes will make them thicker. The growth will increase giving you fuller eyebrows and denser lashes. So if you have over-plucked eyebrows or this lashes, you know what to do.

Castor Oil for Hair growth

Heat up some castor oil and massage your scalp with it. Besides improving blood circulation, the omega 6 fatty acids in the oil help in stimulating hair growth. If castor oil is too thick for you then mix it with coconut oil in equal quantities.

Using castor oil on your scalp also rids you of dandruff and scalp infections. It also treats dry hair and reduces split ends.

Castor Oil as a Leave-in conditioner

To get shiny tresses, mix a tiny drop of castor oil with your regular leave in product. This will multiply the moisturizing properties and your hair will stay hydrated throughout the day. It also makes hair appear darker.

Have you used Castor Oil in your routine?

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    • yes it does..:) i have been using it religiously for more than 10 yrs…and its best used over noght and applied after heating a little:)……mix equal parts of castor oil, olive oil for getting new hair and stop hair fall..:)

    • hair cannot grow if there is no hair follicle there:) i have been using almost every oil out there and none of them gave any extra hairs on my skin..face or any where…i have been using castor oil even on my legs where i have stretch marks…for a long time…and the hair growth is as normal as any….no increase…but if you have a weak hair follicle because of severe hair fall…this will enhance the growth there thats all.,..like on our scalps…

  1. castor oil mixed with coconut or almond oil in equal parts and applied while warm to low hot…removes stretch marks…makes skin visibly smoother..in matter of days…apply while hot and massage till you feel its absorbed …leave it over night for best results….worst amazingly well on scars as well


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