10 Must Know iPhone Tips And Tricks 2016


Most people today own an iPhone and if I am right, most people at least aspire to own an iPhone 6. iPhone 6 and 6s are one of the most sought after phones today. Not to depreciate the older models, but these two phones specifically are much in demand.

10 must know iPhone tips and tricks 2016 

If you own an iPhone too, probably the following tips and tricks would sure be of interest to you.

Tip 1: Clicking multiple photos got easy

You do not need to press your icon to click multiple images. That can be done by holding the shutter icon continuously or the volume button. The pictures would continue to be clicked every half a second and would go on until you release the button.

Tip 2: How to capture a better video with good resolution

It so happens that our videos do not satisfy us regarding clarity and pixels. You can improve it through choosing to go to Photos & Camera and then selecting recording at 60 FPS to on mode.

Tip 3: You can also capture a slow motion video

This is a useful tip. It comes in handy when you need to capture special moments like your baby’s first step, first dance etc. All you need to do is to select the SLO MO option from the options available at the bottom of the camera once you launch the app.

Tip 4: How to check which apps are draining out the battery of your iPhone

10 must know iPhone tips and tricks 2016 
If you have an iPhone 6 or 6s, I am sure you are really better off than people having other models as the battery is certainly better for these phones. If you want to see which apps are draining your battery, you can always check through these steps!
Go to Settings > General
Choose Usage
Battery > Battery Usage > Usage> Last 24 hours
This would show you the percentage of battery usage by any app and you can stop it or control it.

Tip 5: How to listen to audio messages in your Inbox

IPhones come in handy with their feature to have audio messages. You can listen and respond to those messages like normal calls by going to Settings > Messages> Audio Messages> Raise to Listen

Tip 6: How to correct your mistyped sentence or prevent it from getting sent

Shake your phone! Or should I say shake your iPhone! If you have mistyped something and you need to stop it from sending, that is when you are using Safari or Mail, you can simply shake your phone and it would give you the option to Undo or Cancel. Choose the one as you like and you are saved off an embarrassment for sure.

Tip 7: How to clear Browsing history selectively

Sometimes it gets necessary for us to clear some of the browsing history while we need to keep others. This is possible if you have an iPhone and you use Safari on it. All you need to do is to go to History and choose the book icon at the bottom or the icon next to the book icon. With book icon you can delete individually while if you need to remove some time frame of history, you can also use the other icon which would show you option to delete last hour, today, today and yesterday and all as options.

Tip 8: You can easily multitask with your iPhone

If you want to multitask while doing something, you can easily do it. Double click the Home button and swipe left and right to use the relevant apps. You can even have the recent contacts and apps you used as featured options. Try it, it’s pretty useful.

Tip 9: How to Share your location

It is pretty easy and safe these days to share your location with your loved ones, keeping them informed. For this, you can simply go to the Details option in your message box and tap on Send my current location option and click. The recipient will receive a map with your current location.

Tip 10: How to save PDF files to iBooks

This is quite a useful feature as you can save the pdfs or other files you came across as iBooks and read them later. This quite often happens with me while surfing that I find some pages or documents interesting for a read. It works when you find a HTML file worth reading again. All you need is to save the file to “Save PDF to iBooks” option that would be there when you tap on share option on your screen.

I hope these come in handy to you as much as they did to me.

For those who wants to go little more deeper then check this video out 🙂


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