10 Must Try Homemade Packs For Open Pores



10 Must Try Homemade Packs For Open Pores

I am blessed with a good skin always and I didn’t really have to work on anything to make my skin look any better. But recently I’ve started to get quite a few open pores on my face, so I decided to take care of my issue before it gets serious.

I am always a fan of homemade packs, and for treating the open pores I was no different.
So today I’ll be listing down a few homemade packs which help in treating open pores.

Egg White peel off mask:


Hair Strengthening Mask_Egg+best hair mask


This is the oldest tried and tested method for reducing the visibility of open pores. Just beat an egg white and apply it evenly on your face. Peel it off once it is dry. This will not only reduce the appearance of facial pores, but will also tighten your skin and remove blackheads. Don’t forget to wash face afterwards with cold water.

Tomato and Lemon juice:


tomato for under eyes

DIY Mint Scalp Mask_Lemon+healthy scalp


Mix equal amount of tomato and lemon juice and apply it evenly on skin. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and amino acids and Lemon in citric acid, both of which are effective at reducing the appearance of pore size.

Honey and Curd/Milk Cream:


homemade mask for blackhead


Beat honey with curd or milk cream and apply on face evenly. Wash face with cold water. This pack will not only reduce the appearance of the pores, but will also improve skin conditions and texture.

Clay masks


TNC Green Clay Body Wrap swatch


Apply Bentonite or Fuller’s Earth mixed with rose water to purify and tighten the pores. The rose water here works as a toner.

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Cucumber and kiwi:


kiwi face pack

cuucmber for under eyes


Make a fine paste of cucumber and kiwi and apply the paste on skin to reduce the size of open pores.

Besan and honey


Mix curd and besan+what is dandruff


Mix besan and honey in equal amounts, you can add chilled milk also. Apply this facepack evenly on face. Wait till it dries and then rub off. This will help in removing dead cells, tightening skin and hence reducing pore sizes.

Papaya and coconut oil


homemade papaya face pack


Take 1-2 slice of papaya and make a fine paste of it. Add a few drops of coconut oil. Rub this on face in circular motions concentrating on the affected areas. Leave for a while and again rub it. Remove the pack with cotton dipped in luke warm water. Finally splash cold water to close pores.

Natural oils




Rub face with natural oils quite vigorously. The oil can be coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil or olive oil. According to Dr M Mukunda, our skin is always shedding and renewing, the massaging friction hastens a blemish free new skin to emerge with pores very much reduced. Remove the excess oil with a cotton ball dipped in luke warm water. Splash cold water afterwards to close pores.

Sugar scrub


brown sugar milk face mix


Add a few drops of lemon and honey to some sugar crystals and rub on face. Rub till the sugar crystals dissolve. Wash with plain water and then with cold water.

Citrus fruits:


orange natural skin care


Pineapple, oranges, lemons and peaches, these fruits are rich in astringent properties which help in reducing the appearance of pore size. Mash the fruits and apply directly or mix them with some other ingredient of your choice.


  1. The pores remain open when makeup is used on the skin regularly. The makeup can cause the pores on the face to open up. Hence, make up must be removed in the night times as the skin takes in fresh air and gets relaxed.
  2. When you open your pores by exfoliation you need to close them back up by toner.
  3. Heat open up pores. So after taking steam, you should never forget to close the pores by slashing cold water.
  4. A proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime should be maintained.
  5. There is really no permanent remedy for open pores. Toner tightens pores temporarily, so make it a point to apply toner regularly, after cleansing. Also, wash your face with cold water.
  6. Open pores on your nose may lead to blackheads. Regular mild scrubbing is needed for that.

Start taking care of your skin before its too late.

Which is favorite homemade pack for open pores?

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