10 nail painting tips and tricks

Always paint your thumb last this will prevent in smudging of the paint. Painting the thumb last helps in holding the wand strongly too. Also by the time you paint your thumb all finger nails gets dried a bit which makes painting it  easily.
If your polish is smudged before it is fully dried then apply enough nail polish remover to the smudge on your nail .This thin the polish and you can re-apply the color with top coat. You will save time and effort and will not have to restart  all over again .
To prevent your nail polish from chipping apply 2 thin coats of polish after base coat. Let the layers be dried completely. After being dried paint a top coat when dry and then apply a top coat alternate days to prevent from chipping.
If you want polish to dry quickly then run the nails under freezing cold water.
For those who wish for square nails can leave the edges a bit sharper .But one must file them so that the edges will be soft .If you like the squoval look then slightly round out the edge but keep the top square.
Always use the fine side of the filer to soften the edges .Slightly file the nails up the edge and across towards the nail bed.
Always file dry nails. If your nails are wet then they will lose their shape or will get crush.
For your cuticles push them back with the pad of your finger every time when you shower. Always apply hand cream after pushing them up.
To prevent smudges apply some Baby oil on the last coat.
Last but not the least. Practice, practice and practice .Just keep trying and doing it. It always gets easier the next time.
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