10 Natural Makeup Tips


10 Natural Makeup Tips

Hello, my gorgeous readers. How have you all been? It’s been so hot in India these days that each one of us has been searching for ways to beat this torturous heat.

Come summers, and we all are all ears to tips on natural looking make-up tips. And that is such an obvious thing to do; I mean, seriously! Who has the energy and will power to cake up our face with all those extra products in this heat, not to forget the skin’s tendency to break out in this season? So here I have jotted down some of the best natural makeup tips for you beauties to follow.

Start with SPF


spf 30 sunscreen india


Need I say anything more than the obvious “you need it every single day” slogan of mine? And of course the more obvious fact that it’s above 40 degrees out there and you definitely need some SPF to protect your skin. You do not need to bathe in it, just a little would be enough, but make sure you use one with SPF 30+++.

Create a sheer base


Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35


Caking up on foundation is never a good idea, and when it comes to facing this heat, heavy duty foundations are a big no for me. For a more natural looking base, apply a tinted moisturizer or go along with the ever so famous bb creams; we have so many in the Indian market now. Plus, these will not look flat and give you a naturally dewy finish.

Conceal only the imperfections


Bourjois anticerness pinceau concealor review+ conceal + brush


Using a light reflecting concealer and a sleek makeup brush, apply it only to the areas that need it. These areas are generally your under eye-area, any pesky zits or blemishes and discolorations, if any. Dab a little concealer right on the discoloration or the acne mark and dab it on with your ring finger, do not apply too much pressure. The aim here is to conceal and not blend it in the skin. But keep in mind that using a light colored concealer is a blooper, it would make matters worse. Trust me; I have had the unfortunate privilege to trial and error with my concealers. 😛

Use a darker foundation to accentuate your natural contours


Professional Concealer palette swatches


Now that a sheer base is all set, you may want to look a tad bit more sun kissed; which is quite flattering and acceptable when it comes to natural looking makeup really. Add some warmth to your skin with a cream bronzer or a foundation stick in a shade or two darker than your actual skin color. Apply it directly from the stick under your cheek bones, on the edge of your forehead, under the chin and along the bridge of the nose. Blend it right in along with your foundation and you are all set to go.

Use an oil-control powder only on the t-zone


Revlon Skinlights Loose Powder Natural Light


Oil-control powders can be a savior when it comes to Indian heat, trust me. Especially for us oily-skinned ladies or those who get their skins all shiny and stuffy, powder foundations are great. If you just get a little shiny on the t-zone, apply a light dusting of translucent powder using a large fluffy brush, in circular motions. But in case you are too on the oily-skinned side, just dab on some powder foundation above your base. Or you can even skip on the moisturizer; just use the concealer along with the powder foundation, and voila!

Keep your brow game strong


Jordana Fabubrow Medium Brown


Nowadays we have all seen people adorning the strong bro0w, and what better time to incorporate well-done brows than when you are keeping the rest of the makeup subtle. Tweeze all the stray hair and with a rigid surfaced makeup brush, fill in the sparse hair with a brow powder or gel; just make sure to use a shade darker than your natural hair. And yes, less is more when it comes to experimenting with brows. Strongly done brows will instantly define your face structure, in a beautiful way.

Sweep on some champagne-gold eye shadow


NYX Champagne Eyeshadow Photos & Swatches+nyx eyeshadow


Open up your peepers a bit by sweeping on a sheer layer of champagne-gold colored cream eye shadow. Avoid powdery eye shadows as they tend to crease and besides cream eye shadows look way more natural; and if applied on top of a good eye makeup primer, it can last all day. Pat on a little shimmery eye shadow on your brow bone as well as the inner corner of your eyes to get that added just-awake effect. Make sure to blend everything in and leave no harsh lines. Keep everything very subtle and natural looking.

Gives your eyelashes the required attention


L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara


Now there is a thin line of difference between doe-eyed makeup look and straight-out-of-the-bed-and-i-don’t-care look. And the difference lies in the way you do your eyes. You can skip on your eye shadow and eyeliner for once, but when it comes to lashes, nope, not happening. Mascara is one thing I wouldn’t recommend any girl to skip, no, never. Curl your lashes using a warmed-up eyelash curler, dab a couple of thin coats of brownish-black mascaras and you are good to go. If you want things not so natural, use your brown eyeliner and apply it in tiny dots in between the lashes. Lastly, complete the whole look by lining you lower waterline using a flesh-toned or nude eye pencil.

Blend in a deep-toned cream blush


illamasqua cream blush


Now that they eyes are done, it is time to give a little attention to your cute-or-sculpted (however you may like it) cheeks. Chose a cream blush in a shade which matches your natural flush; for most Indian beauties, deep tones of pink and warm peaches look gorgeous. Dot it on top of your apples and blend it with your clean fingertips towards your temples. You’re welcome. 😉

Amp up your pucker


Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Dallas lipswatch

Your lips are the one thing which can be played up or toned down while trying to achieve a natural makeup look. Exfoliate your lips and subtly amp them up using a generous coat of a berry tinged lip balm. Or, you can use a nude gloss over your bare lips to just add a shiny glow to your lips and make them look fuller.

Which of these tips do you use on a regular basis to amplify your natural beauty?

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