10 Neck Tattoo Ideas/Designs


10 Neck Tatto Ideas

Thinking of getting yourself tattooed? Go ahead and choose from this compilation. Even if you are not thinking of getting inked, this post may change your mind.

I’m presenting a compilation of 10 tattoo ideas for your beautiful neck. Neck tattoos are a great idea for girls of all hair-lengths. If you have short hair, you can flaunt your tattoo all the time. Girls with long hair can show-off or hide their inked neck as they wish. The best part is that neck is almost always exposed so you can flaunt your neck tattoo while staying in your comfort zone.

Some Gyan- Tattoos are created by injecting ink in the skin using an electric machine. The ink goes down to the dermis that is the second level of skin, epidermis being the first. This process ensures that the tattoo stays on the body forever. It also makes the removal of such tattoos difficult and as painful as getting a tattoo. Make sure that you are convinced about your choice of design and body-part before going for it.

If you don’t want to go through all the pain then you can opt for semi-permanent tattoos. Whatever you choose, take a look below and get inspired.

  • The Delicate Butterfly-

Butterflies are a good option for the ladies who want to play up their feminine side. Butterflies are elusive and attractive just like you damsels!


butterfly tattoo


  • Give yourself wings-

This one is for the free-spirited amongst us. Though the birds are dainty, they also signify liberty. So if you want to show the world your liberal attitude just get some birds to adorn your neck.


birds tattoo


  • Hit the right note-

You love music and you want it to be with you always? No problem- choose musical notes to show your love for music. The notes on your neck will move to the beat of music as you groove.


music tattoo


  • The real ‘Forever’-

The mathematical symbol ‘infinity’ is the rage these days. It signifies eternity. You can get this symbol as-it-is or be creative and add some words with it. You can also get the initials of you and your beloved inked to treasure the perpetuity of your love.


infinity tattoo


  • Abstract designs-

These patterns are simple and elegant. They reflect your style and carefree attitude. Geometric patterns look good and make you stand out.


abstract tattoo


  • It’s (not) only words-


Though the song says that words are just something but actually they are not. Words are powerful. Choose a word or words that are close to your heart. You can show your love for someone, your belief or can get your name inked on your neck.


words tattoo


  • Go starry!

Stars are beautiful and are always there. You can have a whole lot of ideas if you want to play with stars. Opt for one big star, flowing stars, cascading stars or mix them with some other motifs. These beautiful sparkles show your rockstar attitude and make you shine.


star tattoo


The delicate flowers can actually make some powerful statement. Here again you have a plethora of options. You can go traditional or opt for something modern and contemporary. The intricate floral designs look lovely and also your choice emphasizes your style quotient.


floral tattoo



This cutie-pie design will surely amp up your cute-quotient. These look girlie and give your neck some special-effect.


bows tattoo



  • Tattoo trinkets-

Tattoo jewellery was a huge trend a decade ago. You can still display these. Choose an intricate jewellery style tattoo and stay bejewelled always.


jewellery tattoos


Besides selecting your favourite pattern you should also pay attention to the placing of tattoos. Even the small neck has many points and you can choose as you want. You can choose from-

  • The back of neck- The most popular choice.
  • The nape of neck- Another popular choice and who can forget DeepikaPadokone’s RK tattoo.
  • On one side of neck-This one is more stylish.
  • The front of neck- This place is for the bold lasses.

Side effects and Precautions While Getting A Tattoo:-


  • Tattoos come with a lot of pain and not without some problems as well. Itching and redness are common after-effects and usually subside after a few days. Unhygienic conditions and instruments can cause infections which may become severe.
  • It is really essential to get a tattoo from a renowned and well-established artist. Also make sure that all instruments as well as your skin are sterilized.

Take the necessary precautions, be creative and make a style statement.

Do you have a tattoo on your body?


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  1. i loved all designs, am not sure if i really want it or not, I mean temporary tattoos r fine wid but not permenant ones, as my likes and dislikes change with time

  2. I am being desperate about getting my first tattoo on the nape of my neck, but worried a little bit.
    I liked FLOWER POWER !!!! 😛


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