10 Orange Face Pack Recipe For All Skin Types


10 orange face pack recipe for all skin types

Orange comes in the category of Citrus fruits which means it is loaded with Vitamin C essentials and minerals like calcium, potassium & magnesium. Being a staple fruit for replenishing Vitamin C deficiency in the body, this also serves as a great fruit to be used on the skin for various skin problems & achieving younger, brighter & radiant skin.

Here in this post, there are ten best face packs which can be used on all types of skin so as to attain maximum benefits from this wonder fruit.


orange natural skin care


Orange fruit can be utilized in many ways. Its pulp, juice & peel powder are appropriate for using in face packs, so depending upon the type of skin one can easily choose what type of face pack should be suitable for the skin. For dry skin, orange juice or its pulp mixed with other ingredients should be used while oily skin needs to use the orange peel powder.

Let us see some orange face packs recipes:

Orange juice and gram flour face pack

Orange juice mixed with gram flour in proper amount gives an instant face pack which can be used on the skin to achieve a brightened skin due to the bleaching property of Orange juice.

Orange pulp, Honey and Oatmeal Powder

This pack uses the pulp of the orange and mixed with oatmeal powder with honey to give a moisturizing mask for dry skin, preferably. Oatmeal Powder is great for the skin as it absorbs the impurities or the skin and gently removes them.


orange rind


Orange Peel Powder, cream & coconut oil

This face pack is a great option for the sensitive skin as coconut oil is very beneficial as it gently moisturizes the skin. If you happen to have oily skin, you can easily replace the cream with chilled milk so as to keep the skin free from excess oil.

Orange pulp, brown sugar & Rice flour

This exfoliating face mask is capable of removing the dead skin cells in the most natural way without removing the outer protective layer of the skin. This can also be used as an ideal body scrub too.

Orange juice & Sandalwood Powder

This is another great idea to use oranges in your beauty ritual every weekend. It you find the face pack a little drying for your skin, add rose water drops to it and then apply to discover the instant and refreshing skin.

Orange pulp & Multani Mitti

This is also a great face pack for the oily skin to utilize the goodness of orange pulp with employing Fuller EarthÒ€ℒs powder to it. This will also help in removing the excess oil from the top layer of the skin and will give the goodness of the essential minerals to the skin.

Orange peel powder, Honey & lemon

To get rid of severe tanning, I recommend the use of this face pack to have a glowing and considerably less pigmentation on the skin due to sun exposure. The orange peel powder serves as the base for this face pack and works along with lemon to lighten the skin tone. Adding a little honey to this will keep the skin moisturized.

Orange Peel powder, turmeric and honey

This is one of the easiest face pack which can be prepared any given day and works well for the skin. This gives a glowing effect to the skin and makes it appear radiant.


Instant Orange Face Mask+face pack


Orange peel powder, yoghurt & lemon

This is another face pack which is effective in removing tanning of the skin. It is ideal face pack for dry to normal skin and perfectly removes the damage done by the sun exposure.

Orange peel powder, baking soda & honey

This is an excellent orange face pack which effectively controls the pimples of the skin without any loads of chemical application on the face. The ingredients of this pack tend to reduce the appearance of acne & zits on the face because of their amazing deep cleansing properties.

So, which one of these are you going to try?

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  1. My skin is oily…i think the orange juice and sandalwood powder face pack will be best for my skin and also best for these hot summer months!

  2. Right post at the right time πŸ™‚ going to use the recipes to reduce tanning after my caribbean vacation πŸ˜‰ thanks a lot Ira πŸ™‚


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