10 Owl Tattoo Designs You Must Check Out


“We are all visionaries, and what we see is our soul in things.”

Tattooed by men and women throughout the world, owl beholds strong cultural, mythological and religious significances. Owls are dream-catchers; they bring messages from a realm much beyond which we can see, touch, and hear; a place where our imaginations could only hover. Messenger of spirits of vision, wisdom, and insight, owl stands for boldness, mystery, transition, intelligence, mysticism and protection.

Barn Owl Tattoos:

Most common of owl tattoos, this owl specie with heart shaped ghostly pale face, sharp eyes and eerie, raspy calls, is the coolest predators of night. Though in some cultures this specie is considered demonic, but I don’t mind to show off the “demonic me” once in a while.


Barn Owl Tattoos


Boreal OWL:

Smaller than regular owls, this white flecked owl is also considered demonic, associated with witchcraft and sorcery. People consider the whistles of the boreal owl to be a call to the spirit world.


Boreal OWL tattoo


Owl and book tattoos:

The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning and is a symbol of status, intelligence and wealth.


tattoo designs Owl and book


Tribal Owl Tattoos:

Favourite owl tattoo with tribal intricacy.


Tribal Owl Tattoos ideas


Celtic Owl Tattoos:

The Celtics considered owl as messenger of underworld and their arrival comes accompanied with a warning.


Celtic Owl Tattoos  ideas


OWL and Watches:

Most people say that the owl is for wisdom like and the clock I think would mean or symbolize the passing of time. Like wisely spend your time??!!


OWL and Watches tattoo designs


Owl and Lock n Key:

“Everything in the universe is within you.”


Owl Lock n Key tattoos


Cute looking Owls:

On one hand these owls are fierce, messenger of dark spirits; but on the other, these owl tattoos can be equally cute and funny.


Cute  owl tattoo idea


Owls on branches:

Another common owl tattoo is the owls sitting on branches. Don’t exactly know what these symbolize, but they look super attractive.


owl on branches tattoo


Owl head tattoos:

“Sirf sarr hi kafi hain..”


Owl head tattoos


Time for some random:


random owl tattoo designs


Though in most of the cultures worldwide, owls are considered demonic, sign of horror and bad happenings, yet they are very interesting theme of stunning tattoos.

What are you waiting for then…

Rush rush rushhhhh to the tattoo parlour.. 🙂


Which is your favorite owl tattoo?

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