10 Pakistani Mehndi Designs


10 Pakistani Mehndi Designs


Mehndi is considered very sacred in the culture of India and other Gulf Countries. There is a separate ritual related to mehndi where the bride along with her sisters & friends apply mehndi or henna, as it is popularly called, all over their hands and feet which is also believed to enhance the beauty of the bride on her wedding day.

Mehndi is considered to be an essential in beautifying a woman on any auspicious day or festival. Here, in India woman apply mehndi during festivals like Karva Chauth, Teej, Eid, Rakshabandhan and special occasions like the pious month of Saawan too.

Now, talking about our neighboring Country Pakistan and the henna patterns popular in the country I have seen that Pakistani mehndi designs are inspired by the Arabian design pattern. Although there is nothing as specific relating to different countries but the Arabic influence certainly affects the mehndi designs and they really look different than the mehndi patterns of India.

Arabic designs have a dominance of intricate floral designs which are crafted in free flowing patterns so that the design is properly exhibited on the hands, and this is what makes it different from the designs in India.

In Pakistani or Arabic mehndi the main focus is to exhibit the flower patterns along with showing the palm area too and not like Indian designs where filling the palm area with designs is more popular and is liked all over the country.

Here are my top ten picks of Pakistani/ Arabic mehndi designs-


pakistani hennadesign

pakistani henna design

henna designs pakistani

henna design pakistan

feet henna design pakistan

arabic design  mehendi

pakistani henna design

pakistani arabic henna

arabic pakistan henna design

arabic mehendi design


These days many brides are opting for the Arabic mehndi designs as they want to look have a different pattern of mehndi on their big day so ideally a fusion of Arabic patterns in mehndi along with some animalistic patterns like peacocks and images of bride and groom have started taking place of the typical bridal mehndi design.

These types of designs are very ideal for functions like engagements, anniversaries or parties as they look very beautiful and unique on the hands.

Which is your favorite Pakistani henna design?

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