10 Party Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair


 10 Party Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair

People with long hair have it tough to a small extent. They have a lot of hair, which if styled correctly can elevate their outfit to another level all together but if it isn’t it can definitely make one look shabby.
Seeing as I have mid length step cut hair, styling it into any semblance of order is a gargantum task! One that I have given up on way back. 😛

Now I simply research hairstyles and sigh in longing. Nevertheless, here are 10 party hairstyles that will certainly make you look like the belle of the ball.

Braided Updo

Braided updos are something that Hollywood A listers thrive on. It’s a favourite red carpet look for both Hollywood and Bollywood beauties. This is very versatile, and can by turns look very ethereal or professionally polished. It cuts across all age differences and can be a perfect party look for anyone.


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Messy Side Braid

This hairstyle is one that makes beauties of all ages look young and gregarious. It has a certain whimsical devil may care aura that just screams chic! It looks best with side swept bangs. While it is a style favourite for A listers, it is also favourite for party goers everywhere due to its textured finish, that is easy to master.


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Finger Combed Hollywood Style Waves

This hairstyle is almost a blast from the past, seeing a it was an extremely popular hairstyle for Hollywood stars in the 50’s. This glamorous hairstyle can look just as good in a party, as it does on the red carpet.  This hairstyle has made such a huge comeback this year and is making an appearance everywhere, from the Golden Globes to the Oscars.


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Loosely Tied Side Chignon

The side chignon is a very elegant hairstyle that is both simple and polished. But the loose swept side chignon injects a dash of whimsy to this otherwise polished look. It looks effortless and clubbing ready. Perfect to go with that off shoulder dress that you so adore!


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Beachy Waves

This is one hairstyle that probably looks the most effortless out of the lot but funnily enough includes the use of a few products. But don’t let that deter you because the final look will make you look like washed ashore the party! It’s texturized finish makes for that Bohemian 60’s hippie look that anyone can rock!


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Grecian Goddess Braid

This hairstyle is my favourite out of the lot! It is such a modern yet classic take on Greek fashion that it makes my heart sing. I have personally worn this, in an albeit messy fashion, and garnered a marvellous number of compliments. It can inject that right amount of sophistication to almost every party outfit.


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Looped Side Ponytail

This is a highly innovative take to the boring everyday ponytail. It looks chic and party ready at the drop of a hat. There are numerous tutorials on the internet for this hairstyle, all catering to different skill levels.


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Half Up Greek Twists

The half tie is something that people have been doing for eons, merely due to its ease. This version of the half tie brings in more glamour and a dash of fairy dust to the otherwise staid hairstyle, making it instantly party ready! It can be slightly texturized to make it look effortless and mesmerising.


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High Bun

The high bun is fashion’s interpretive take on the ballerina bun. It makes one look instantly polished and high fashion. Not only is this look party ready, it is also a perfect workplace hairstyle. It can be either sleek or messy, but it WILL make you look stunning! You can make it look textured, teased, low volume-ed or any other way you may want it to look. This is one hairstyle that is very versatile.


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Half Up Bouffant

The flower power of the 60’s have made a typical retro comeback and taken the world by storm! This style involves a lot of teasing to create the volume required and then texturizing at the ends for a sort of “sex kitten” vibe. You can forgo texture and opt for voluminous curls for a more refined look if you want to keep things more polished looking. This hairstyle is very versatile, not only is it apt for parties it is also my favourite hairstyle for college.


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Did you like these party hair styles for long hair?

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