10 Peacock Mehndi Designs


  10 Peacock Mehndi Designs

Peacock being the national bird is very popular in the field of art and craft in India. From paintings, inscriptions on palaces, architectural masterpieces, jewelry and apparel for women peacocks are extensively used in each of these to enhance the exquisiteness and beauty. Similarly peacock designs are quite popular in Mehndi designs too as peacocks are associated with a sense of joy, gracefulness & beauty. Here are my top ten favorite peacock designs with peacocks. Bridal Peacock Design- This design is perfect for bride with peacock designs beautifully crafted with other designs of mehndi. It will look great on the hands of the bride


Bridal Peacock Design


Amazing Peacock Design for hands-

This beautiful peacock on the back of the hands looks really gorgeous and you will receive a lot of compliments with this design on your beautiful hands


Amazing Peacock design for hands

Exquisite Peacock Design-

This depicts the peacock in the centre of the palm and all the other designs are kept very fine so that the peacock emerges to be the dominant one. This is a perfect design for the bride’s sister or best friend.


exquisite peacock design


 Peacock design for wedding-

This design is a perfect example of the traditional wedding mehndi as it has bride, groom depicted beautifully in it. The use of peacocks in this design completes the whole design in accordance with the wedding occasion.


peacock design for wedding


Beautiful Peacock design-

This design uses many peacocks along with beautiful flowers and is perfect for any auspicious occasion like weddings, festivals etc.


beautiful peacock design


Simple Peacock Design- This is comparatively a simple design with peacocks which are made for beautifying the palm. The clarity of the design is the main attraction in this design and looks great upon drying.

simple peacock design


Casual Peacock Design- This is a casual design with peacocks and can be sported if you don’t have enough time for mehndi application still you want a good design with peacocks in it…:-)


casual peacock design


Peacock design for Karva Chauth- This is a perfect design for functions like Karva Chauth and Teej as they have the richness of designs along with the peacock and don’t take much time in application.


peacock design for karva chauth


Peacock design with flowers- This is a very good looking design which combines the use of flowers and the peacocks. The palm looks great with this simple design and is perfect for wearing it on a casual day.


Peacock design with flowers


Peacock design for feet- This design is great for decorating the feet with mehndi. It is a great option for the bride’s feet as it uses peacocks all over the feet. This looks great upon application.


peacock design for feet

Did you like these peacock henna designs?

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  1. love getting mehendi done on my hands…!!! but time which it takes to get dry pisses me off…!!!
    once we were all getting mehendi in our hostel, just for fun..i got so bored waiting for the mehendi to dry, that i laid on my bed and simply went to sleep..next day I woke up to see mehendi designs all over my cheeks, thighs… 🙁

  2. Yeah Madhubani..same happened with me in my friend’s wedding last november…i went for a full arms mehndi and after 1-2 hours became anxious for the sangeet function..as a result my mehndi was orange while other girls showed off their deep red henna …
    I was like…..hunh..whatever…!! 😉

  3. These designs are beautiful! Love the second one 🙂

    But I always end up ruining my mehendi by smacking my hands all over the place. I’m so restless 😛

  4. Hey amazing designs, good collection indeed. I always like peacock mehndi designs and was looking for one. I searched online and also in youtube for a while but couldn’t find a better one. Your post has amazing designs. I would like to try this designs for my friends wedding. One video which has peacock style design and which i personally liked is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOfqVPl6NM4. I hope even you will like it.


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