10 Pictures Of Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup


10 Pictures Of Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to tell you a little story! Just like all of us, there was a girl, who though belonged to a small-town, but had BIG dreams in her eyes! And her dreams lead her to enrolling for the 2000 Miss world Pageant. As we all know, hard work and will power leads to success this statement holds true for that girl our very own Priyanka Chopra or Piggy Chops who with her angelic face and killer body, won the Miss world 2000 and made India proud.

Since then, there has been no looking back. But like every normal woman, she has her days of weakness or say “chill-days” when one does not like to dress to kill or wear a full face of makeup. But who said, actresses could look beautiful only with makeup? Priyanka Chopra is here to dismiss all your doubts.

Check her no-makeup pictures out!

Look 1 no makeup look priyanka

No strong-brow-game, no fluttery lashes, bare lips, probably 3rd day hair and a brilliantly confident smile Priyanka chopra posted her picture on the internet in the era of selfies and oozed the last bit of gorgeousness even without makeup. Devouring in the heap of books, It sure was a good-lazy day for her.

Look 2

 no makeup priyanka

We all have days of adventure which we do not want to waste doing makeup don’t we? Same goes for Piggy chops who illuminates iridescently in a plain white shirt and jeans sans any makeup and ruffled unruly hair all ready for her share of water sports. Effortlessly chic.

Look 3

 no makeup simple priyanka

Things were not pleasant for the Chopra family lately, when Piggy chops lost her dear father and appeared to perform his last rites clad up in white. Teary eyed, broken apart, and with a heavy heart though Priyanka looked totally down, her beauty quotient could not be beaten even then!

Look 4

 simple no makeup look

This is generally my go to look for college an oversized shirt, an ice blue jeans, some comfortable footwear, unruly bun and absolutely no makeup. Though I look like shit while trying to copy this look at times, there is no way Priyanka can go wrong with her no-makeup looks! And here is proof! 😛

Look 5

no makeup priyanka chopra

I so wish that it was me in the picture instead of this lucky man. In a moment of true fan love, priyanka got clicked with her fans not worrying a bit about her no-makeup, bare look and gave her prettiest smile to the camera! In fact her smile assured her of her prettiness even on a bare face the power of a smile!

Look 6

 no makeup plain look

I do not know why, but this beautifully captured picture of Priyanka Chopra reminds me of Jane austen’s novel’s characters. I mean the women must have looked the same in the era of Austen, isn’t it? Iridescence beauty flustering through her bare skin and perfectly-flushed pout! Eternal!

Look 7

simple beauty no makeup

This is the kind of look most of us would carry through a casual night-out on the town with our BFF’s. And supposedly, Priyanka does the same! Not worrying a bit about the paparazzi, she flaunts her gorgeous skin, sexy pout and killer cheekbones in a no-makeup look. she has proved that a smile can make all the difference!

Look 8

 Priyanka Chopra tattoo

There are lots of people who criticize Priyanka’s pout for being a product of cosmetic surgery but whatever may the world say; when this beauty leaves home sans any makeup she can give the most beautiful women (fully clad in makeup) a chase for their looks. That’s some natural beauty if you ask me! J

Look 9

priyanka simple look no makeup

Here priyanka portrays the perfect Girl-next-door image clad in a white chicken-work kurti and draped in a bright pink Phulkari dupatta. I do not know whether it is the ethnic clothing, the caramel highlight in her hair or her glowing skin the overall outcome is beyond this world!

Look 10

no makeup priyanka chopra look

Like every other Indian woman who finds the ultimate comfort in her favorite old kurta and jeans or churidars Priyanka seems so chill in her pink and white kurta and yet again, wins millions of hearts with her astoundingly soothing smile. A smile which makes even the lack of makeup look insignificant.

Which of priyanka chopra’s no-makeup pictures do you like the most?

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