10 Popular Bob Hairstyles Which You Must See


10 Popular Bob Hairstyles Which You Must See


Long hair is beautiful but bob hairstyle is edgy. Now more and more girls are opting for bob cuts as they not only make you look beautiful but are also easy to manage. There is no one way to get a bob hairstyle. Bob can be transformed with various styles like layers and bangs. You just need to ask your hairdresser regarding the most suitable bob haircut for you and get a new look. Ladies of all ages can sport a bob hairdo. These are some of the popular bob hairstyles that can look good on you-

Just Woke Up


bob hairstyles

I never have such hair when I wake up but I sure want them. The bed-head look is already awesome and bob is adding more credibility to it.



bob hairstyle 2014

Long bob with blunt bangs looks super sexy. This style suits a variety of face shapes when fringe length is correct.

Ringa rings


bob hairstyles 2014

This hairstyle with ringlets is a fresh take on bobs. Hair looks beautifully textured.

Sweet Look


bob cut

If you love to look the way you are then this one can be your look. I love the ombre hair.

Rounded Bob


best bob hairstyle

The sexy singer enhances her appeal with carefully styled bob. Her cheekbones look totally killer.

Too Good


best bob hairstyles

I don’t have anything to say about this. I love Keira and this angled bob is giving more structure to her face.

Uneven Bob


bob haircut

If you have fine hair then A-line bob with disconnected layers is the look for you.

Inverted Bob


bob hairstyle

How pretty is this! Inverted bob with fringe. I would love to get something similar but currently I’m growing my hair for my sister’s marriage 🙂

Layered Bob


latest bob hairstyles

Short hair with layers and forehead covering bangs are a good way to hide a big forehead and look lovely.

Pastel Bob


latest bob hairstyle

The girls who love to dye their hair can go for this. A simple bob looks a lot more interesting with right colour.

Which is your favorite bob hair style?

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  1. I have had Bob hair style till my 10th standard..rounded bob actually! i liked it back then..
    now I can’t think of cutting my locks more than 2 inches….! if it happens in any case..I swear the hair dresser is going to be hospitalized!! :- 😉


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