10 Popular Hairstyles For College Girls


10 Popular Hairstyles For College Girls

Hello babes,

The new college session is just on the verge of beginning and we are super excited! Especially me, who will be entering into my masters coming August! And of course, college is not just about books and studies it is new clothes, shoes, makeup, exquisite hairstyles and everything nice.

As a fresher in my graduation days I always felt at a shortage of new hairstyles to try out for my days at the Delhi University where everyone seemed to be dressed at their super-best. But you do not need to feel the same girls! We have a lot in store for you, that too after a lot of hit and trial!

High Ponytail-

high ponytail

A high ponytail has and will always be the most-favorite hairstyle for any on-the-go girl. But here is a relatively innovative take on the regular ponytail—who knew we could create an illusion of a voluminous pony by layering one pony over the other. Such a quick and easy hairstyle!

French Braid Inspired Ponytail-

french braid ponytail

French braid inspired ponytails are all the rage among college girls they are less intriguing than a full French braid and more glam than a monotonous ponytail a perfect win! Keep this style for special occasions like you first college coffee date or your bestie’s birthday celebration as it may take some time and looks oh-so-glam!

Sonakshi Sinha Style Long Bob-

long bob

The Sonakshi Sinha fame not-so-sleek long bob is a must try hairstyle for the daring college girls. I say daring because not everyone has the guts to chop their hair so short not that I am saying that you can’t or shouldn’t rock it but at the same time it can make some feel apprehensive. But as Halle Berry believes short hair empowers women! So, yay!

Crown Braid Hairstyle-

crown braided

This one here is undeniably one of the most effeminate hairstyles out there. Looks intriguing but is really effortless! All you need to do is create two side-braids and tie them across each other at the back of your crown using bobby pins sprayed with some fixing hair-spray.

Blow Dried Re-bonded Hair-

blow dried

The era of boring rebonded hair no matter how famous it was has long gone! Now is the age of straight but voluminous blow-dried hair. I know getting a blow-dry before early morning lectures is not possible but we can always fake a blow-dry and we have loads of tips and tricks on the blog which can show you how to create the illusion of voluminous hair. Straight hair plus volume wow!

Bow and Half Open Hairstyle-

bow half open

This is one quick and oh-so-cute hairstyle perfect for your upcoming college festivals! Bows are always cute,and when added with half open hairstyles ooooh, la, la! All you need is to play with your hair just a little nothing too complicated but effortlessly chic!

Twist & Turn Low Ponytail-

low ponytail

Who knew that a regular twist-and-turn ponytail could look so freaking gorgeous when paired with a classy low ponytail? One ponytail, a few chunks of hair twisted and tied across the pony and you have such an amazing hairstyle which took just a couple of minutes!

French- Dutch Fusion Braid-

french dutch

Going to college means washing hair each morning for most girls I plead guilty too! But we need some easy hairstyles for those days when we cannot wash our hair. This hairstyle here is one classic example. Though this side French-dutch-fusion braid can take some time to create, but the result is all-worthy!

Ombre Hairstyle-


The latest hair trend raging in colleges all across the world is the Ombre trend! Indian hair is very well adept to showcase the ombre trend be it a caramel, blonde, grey, purple, red or teal ombre all complement black hair really well. And personally, such beautifully textured hair does not need any additional styling.

Double Sided French Braid Fused Ponytail-

double sided french braid fused ponytail

Every college has a bunch of girls who are all into jerseys, basket ball and sneakers but still like to embrace their feminine side in a sporty way. This cool double-sided French braid fused ponytail is just the right option for you. In fact, any one feeling a little sporty can and should wear this hairstyle at least once to college.

So, which of these 10 Popular Hairstyles For College Girls are you going to try next?

Have you tried these hairstyles for college?

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  1. That bow style is quite new and looks so cute. I’ve cut my hair recently or you can chopped more than half of it. :/ I’d like to try it for sure when I re-grow it back. 🙂


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