10 Popular Sigma Makeup Brushes


10 Popular Sigma Makeup Brushes


Sigma brushes are very famous for their high quality and ease of use. There are many brushes in the range and each of them is good for multiple tasks. Though these brushes are not available in India, you can get them online. These brushes are good substitutes for MAC brushes if you do not want to spend a lot on makeup brushes. These 10 brushes are most popular from Sigma-

Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki Brush


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Sigma f82 is completely round and has a flat top which makes the tapping of the brush easier when applying liquid foundation. It can be used for both foundation and blushes. Brush is light weight. Brush has soft bristles which are dense and do not move around much.

Sigma Duo Fibre F50 Review


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It’s a long 19cm brush and is sturdy enough to last for years and years. Handle is smooth and seamless and it has this golden clamp which makes it look beautiful , classy and different from all my other sigma brushes. Bristles are really soft and brush head has a triangular silhouette that’s tight near the ferrule which expands out .It’s a pretty dense brush where white bristles are pretty spaced out and soft and not scratchy at all.  It gives gorgeous finish and airbrushed skin. One good thing about this brush is that it doesn’t soak lot of foundation and dries out fast.

Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush


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This one is sturdy, chubby, heavy and has wooden handle of medium length that is comfortable to hold. Because of the shorter handle, it fits easily into most pouches. It comes with a bristle guard. Bristles are made of synthetic Sigmax filament which means there is less absorption of product into the fibers. Bristles are densely packed and do not splay about. Makes foundation application a breeze! Gives a smooth, non-streaky, air-brushed finish with minimal effort. The angled top makes it easy to apply foundation on hard-to-reach areas of the face like under the eyes, sides of the nose, around the mouth and hairline. You can stipple, buff and blend with this brush

Sigma Large Fluff E50


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Just two swipes of this brush all over eye lids give great finish. It softens out any of the harsh line and softens the edges of eye makeup and for highlighting the brow bone area from the crease.It’s just super simple with this brush. It can be used to contour nose area, as a highlighter brush on cheek bones and applying and blending out concealer. It also helps in removing off the glitter or fall out.

Sigma Eye Shading E55


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Shape of the brush is flat and what more interesting is that it is a slightly dome shaped brush which blends out the crease eyeshadow .
You can use the brush to line eyes and adding color to the outer V as well.Thing with this brush is that it reaches the inner corner of the eyes easily where most of the brushes lack.Brush will apply the colour on your eyelid where you want to with minimum fall out. Bristles of the brush are soft , dense and are firmly packed too.Bristles size are long enough to cover eyelid and one doesn’t need too much of an effort for it. This brush doesn’t shed at all.

Sigma Small Eyeliner Brush E10


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It’s a fine brush for lining lash and water line and is especially good for tight lining. Bristles of the brush are soft but firm to give precise application.It’s a great brush to have for those who find eyeliner application a challenge.This brush gives firm hold and because of which one gets a nice clean line in one sweep. With its firm bristles it makes it easier to apply eyeliner.

Sigma E70 Brush


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Best thing is the way it blends out the colour .With Sigma E70 brush you won’t be left with any kind of harsh lines. It’s a multipurpose brush which can be used for blending out the dark crease shade or for highlighing the brow bone area. Soft bristles and picks up the right amount of color. Blends out harsh lines beautifully. It works equally well to give wash of colour all over the eyelid especially with shimmer eyeshadows. No shedding or doesn’t lose it shape after cleaning it.

Sigma Lip Brush L05



This brush comes in a case with a lip brush in it which is almost half of its size.One can place it at the end of the case to make it longer as well.With the help of this brush there will be no chances of your lip brush attracting any kind of germs . It has synthetic bristles which  are soft , gives smooth and precise application which is the most important thing. While washing the brush there is no shedding of the bristles as such.

Sigma Precision Tapered P86 Brush


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Brush is quite dense and can be used with dry as well as liquid products. no shedding even on first wash.  As this is a pointed brush, it easily reaches areas of face which are difficult to conceal with a clean finish. Pointed tip helps in concealing the lip area after applying lipstick especially for that clean finish after using darker shades.Synthetic bristles of this brush are super soft and will last for long long time. Handle of brush is light weight and when used it gives that professional feel.

Sigma Angled Top Kabuki F84 Brush


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Sigma F84 is more of a versatile brush because of it shape. Angled shape of the brush makes contouring and applying blush so easy. As these are synthetic bristles, these are soft and easy to clean. This is one of the best brushes for cream blushes. The brush is dense and it makes it easy to cover every corner of the face.

Have you tried any of these Sigma makeup brushes?

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