10 Products For Soft & Supple Hands This Season


10 Products For Soft & Supple Hands This Season

Winters are definitely lovely and beautiful given we also can remain beautiful and do not suffer from any problems like dry skin or skin peeling. I hate the whitish rough feel on my hands every time either I wash my hands or if I come home from outside. The skin peeling off from fingers etc. is another issue I face and I curse winters for the same instead of enjoying the weather.

moisturize hands & cuticles

There are many remedies that we can do and save ourselves but we need to be regular and keep repeating it as and when the need be. Let’s see these remedies. I am sure you also face similar issues. I hope we make some good out of this post this season.



Vaseline is the simplest technique to save you from the dryness of the weather. Apply generous amount on your hands and fingers and cover your hands with gloves. You can do it day and night. If you are going to work, cover your hands with gloves and remove them once you reach office. If you are staying at home, do it once you are done with your household chores and then put the gloves on for some time and go to sleep. You can also do the same at night and wake up with soft hands the next day.

Warm Water

baba ramdev almond oil

Put your hands in warm water with a bit of almond oil. Dip your hands for some time, may be 10 minutes and then tap dry your hands, do not wash them with water again. Now moisturize your hands as it would help retain the softness.


crabtree and evelyn hand cream (5)

Keep your moisturizer handy and use it as and when you wash your hands. Soaps snatch the silkiness and leave your skin dry. Like you take care of your face, the same way take care of your hands as well. Do not leave them unattended as they are most prone to cold water and soaps all the time.

Lemon and Sugar

Bigelow Chemists Lemon Sugar Body Scrub No. 1159 Review+Bigelow Chemists Scrub Swatch

Cut lemon into half and mix it with half a teaspoon sugar. Now mix it well and put the same on your hands. Rinse it with lukewarm water. This will help you remove your tan and make your skin soft.

Potato Scrub

potatoes for beautiful hands
Use two boiled potatoes and mash them. Mix a little almond oil and glycerin to it and then apply it to your hands. Keep it for 15-20 minutes rubbing like a scrub and then wash off with lukewarm water. Tap dry and moisturize.


A simple recipe that can make your hands soft on a daily basis. Mix 1 Tablespoon of vinegar in water and wash your hands with it.

All these techniques are totally home based and you need not find the need of those expensive manicures, especially during winters when we do not find the mood to step out. You may use these different remedies at your own pace and your own preferred time. Like your face, your hands also need perfect care and are definitely in need of these treatments to stay beautiful like you are. All you need is to make it a daily routine and once you are habitual, you are sorted for life. Stay pretty this winter with beautiful and cared for hands.

Have you tried these products for soft hands?

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