10 Products That You Definitely Need In Your Bag


10 Products That You Definitely Need In Your Bag

Hello beauties,

Do you find yourself hunting for some item in your purse in some time of emergency only to not find them on time? There are always a few essential things that you will need at some point. Besides the obvious cell phones, house keys, vehicle keys and wallet, there are many other essential things that you should keep in your bag.


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So today I’ll be discussing the 10 things you must carry on your hand bag. You definitely don’t want to forget these items..


To make you clean and fresh. Wet wipes are needed to remove the dirt which accumulates when you are travelling. Dry wipes work too. From runny nose to sweaty and oily skin, dry wipe is a saviour.


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Makeup items

Basic makeup items like kajal, gloss and BB cream. Whether for touch ups in case you have to or doing a quick fix to your smeared makeup for post office party or you just need to take a peek and see if your lipstick or any food particle came in between your teeth. Makeup and mirrors are always needed.


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Medicines and Band-aids

Keep your medicines handy. Allergy tablets, paracetamol tablets, ENO, pudin hara and band aids should be kept in your bag.


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Chewing gums

To freshen the breathe. Remember the garbage bin ad? You don’t want that to happen with you.

Body Lotion with SPF or individually both the products:

In case your skin feels dehydrated. It will moisturise your skin and will save you from the harmful sun rays.


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Smelling good is very necessary. Use it whenever you want.


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A bottle of water:

Do I have to explain why? Water is life and you can’t go anywhere without it. Water will keep you hydrated in the scorching heat and you don’t have to spend extra by buying mineral water bottles, juices, cold drinks or soda.

A pen and small notebook

Thinking what paper can do when you have a smart phone? Well, you never know when your smart phones start acting stupid. From directions to jotting down addresses. A pen and paper can be very useful.

Safety pin

From torn sandals, buttons fall off, zippers break, straps falling off, a safety pin in your purse can save you from the worst of wardrobe malfunctions. It will be with you when you need it the most. Like your best friend. Isn’t?

Hand Sanitizer

It is not possible to wash your hands with soap every time. Then an antibacterial in your purse to kill germs comes to rescue. It kills the germs that accumulate on your hands in seconds.

So, these are the few essential products that you should carry in your purse, other than your regular phone and keys.
Another thing which I never miss is an I-pod and my headphones. It is a definite must have in my purse.

What are your must have products in hand bag?

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  1. Nice review! Once i poked a man with a safety pin who tried to act fresh with me on a busy day. Little safety pin saved my day! Lol


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