10 Quick Makeup Tips When You Are Running Out Of Time



10 Quick Makeup Tips When You Are Running Out Of Time


We love makeup!!! Don’t we??? I could wear makeup on every single day, but only if I had ample time.

There is a very common mindset among people that only working women need to wear makeup everyday and at the same time they are the busiest of all ladies.

With no offence to anyone, but let us get this truth very clear, every lady has a strict schedule irrespective of her profession be it a corporate Professional, a housewife or a blogger. Their schedule keeps them very busy with barely any personal time for them, not even much time to have a full makeup session on an every day basis.

But does it mean we should skip makeup??? No, not at all; Makeup and women are inseparable.

So what do we do in the case when we are running absolutely short of time and yet some makeup needs to be done to bring the best of your face forward?

Today’s article is the need of the hour which is going to help you out with few makeup tips or rather should I say some makeup cheats that will get your look done complete in a jiffy.

Groom Your Brows


Brown Smokey eyes makeup indian


Polished brows can make a huge difference to your face and if you are someone whose makeup is always unfinished with proper groomed eyebrows, then make polishing your brows your priority in the minute of rush.

Filling in the entire brows with all the brow tools & makeup may take up a lot of time. You cannot afford to give so much time when every single second is getting you late.

In such case of time crisis opt for doting your brows with brow pencil only onto the sparse areas with an intention to even out brows and then coat them with a tinted brow gel.

Multi- Purpose Pop Of Color


BENEFIT Fine One One Review 3 in 1 Cheek and Lip color Closeup+lip products


Thinking about separate blush, lipstick and eye shadows to apply is like the scariest thing when you have no time for a full makeup with all different products to catch hold of.

To deal with such situations I would just to invest in multipurpose makeup. An all over stick like “Multiple from NARS” or any Chubby or Crayon stick comes in very handy in such time crisis.

You can apply these color sticks on your cheeks, lips and lids without taking much time and yet manage to get a complete makeup done.

Lusty Lashes

I love makeup on my lashes and I just cannot ever skip it no matter what the case may be, until and unless it is an eye infection itself.

But there are times when we really do not have time to wiggle the wand and de –clump the mascara on lashes. Mascara application should never be done in a haste since a little reckless application may demand an all over new start.

In such situations do not use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes and have defined eyes. A clear mascara is your savior for such situations.

Eyes Always Talk




Eyes always talk for your makeup look even if they are left understated or they are done with a statement smokey look. Focusing on your eyes is the key to look awake and well rested.

Creating eye looks with multiple eye shadows and products is not always possible, especially when we are running out of time, in such cases simply apply conceal on your lids and under eyes and set it with translucent powder, to make your eyes appear awake and well rested. Leave the rest of the job to mascara.

Flawless Face

Getting a perfect step by step base for face in just five minutes in hand is beyond imagination and I would suggest not to even try when you do not have maple time by your side.

Take help of a stick concealor to hide dark circles and blemishes, and then dab with your finger to blend. This will make your face appear flawless without taking much time.

Luscious Lips


occ super nsfw lips


The idea of luscious lips involves use of multiple lip products like lip liner, lip gloss, lipstick and a lip balm. Do you even have so much of time to devote to separate usage of these products;

It is highly advisable to pick a product that has combined properties of all these products. A moisturizing lip – gloss crayon is ideal for times when you have no time.

Contrast lids and tips

Choose for contrasting lids and tips when there is no time for the dress matching manicured nails. Try pairing a smoldering eye look with a crisp off-white nail polish, this combination looks elegant and at the same time prevent any further need of dress matching manicured nails.

Tan and Toned


bronzer india review


This is my favorite. When there is not much time in your hand, try mixing liquid bronzer with a firming body lotion. Massage it into your arms and legs or other exposed parts of body.

This will make you look like a golden goddess and at the same time temporarily tighten your skin while it glows.

Evening Eyes In A Jiffy

You have a date in half an hour and you have just reached your home. This is a big crisis but worry not, applying smokey eyes on dinner date is not a rule, instead apply the eyeliner in a way you desire and pair it with some strokes of mascara, and tada you are done with your evening eyes.

Red Never Goes Wrong




This tip is an addition to the above date rush tip. When you are confused and have no time, apply red lipstick. Red never goes wrong.

Red lipstick creates a bold statement and at the same time brightens the face, thereby avoiding the base makeup can be easily justified with red lips.

These were some very easy and handy makeup tips when you are rushing out of time.

Do you have more to share about your own makeup cheat?

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