10 Quick Tips & Tricks For Applying Gel Eyeliner


 I purchased my first gel eyeliner some four years back . I remember it was Maybelline gel eyeliner. I bought  it because I hated how liquid eyeliners tend to fade away after few hours but gel eyeliner stays intact. There were few concerns like drying up your gel eyeliner, smudging etc but I loved the effect and kind of freedom which it gave to me while exploring the world of makeup.

With the course of time I got to know many tricks which helped me in applying gel eyeliner perfectly and I am listing them down here.Hope it helps those who want to learnt the art of gel eyeliner.

5 tips for apply gel eyeliner+how to

1) After picking up the bit of the eyeliner on the brush, one can swipe it on the back of the hand. This way less products gets picked up and one can start from anywhere, be it inner corner, middle or from outer corner to inner corner.

2) If interested for thick winged eyeliner then draw a thin line first and keep adding to it with little strokes. Thin line kind of becomes a base and helps in letting me decide where should I move ahead.

3.)To avoid harsh lines one can pull their lid up a bit and then apply the gel eyeliner.

4.) Invest in an eyeliner brush .You can try Ingot 30Teyeliner brush , MAC 208, Sigma small eyeliner brush E10 .All three are famous for giving precise lines with gel eyeliners.

5.)Try stabilizing your hand on face and look down. Lining eyes this way helps those who do not have a steady hand.

6.)Going for tiny strokes helps.

7)I always start applying gel eyeliner from the middle of the lashline.  This is not because I feel comfortable applying it , but because when we pick up the gel eyeliner from the brush it holds the most amount of gel eyeliner .So applying it from the middle reduces the chances of error and when we have the least gel eyeliner in the brush then use it in the inner corner stretching it to the middle of the gel eye liner. Some people prefer it going from the outer corner to the inner corner but it’s all up to how you find convenient.

8) Whenever you end up leaving  space between the eyeliner and the lash line, use powder eyeshadow to fill it up.

9)Add three light dots to the lashline .One in the inner corner, one in middle and one where the eyeliner/wing ends. This helps in getting the desired line.

10)If you go horribly wrong with the gel eyeliner, just use black eye shadow over it and smudge it up with a pencil brush .

 These are  some of the gel eyeliner tips and tricks in which some might work for you and some not so keep trying till you succeed 🙂

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  1. Ye tumne mere liye likha hai na babes 🙂 ? I am gonna use all ur tricks 🙂
    maybelline le lu, i am yet 2 try gel eyeliners !

  2. Thanks anamika these tips will definitely help !

    I will specially use the middle se start wala and buying a good brush wala tip 🙂

  3. wow thanks ana.. i alwys get thse gaps so filling wt powder es is great!!! also fl like the myblline brush is bit too thick…


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