10 Quotes Which Will Make You Feel Proud Of Being A Woman


10 Quotes Which Will Make You Feel Proud Of Being A Woman

Hi, Girlie Girls!

I’m called an aggressive feminist by hubby ๐Ÿ˜€

There are many women who have made the world take note of them. But why should it be like ‘woman achiever’ and why can’t it simply be ‘achiever’? This thought came to me yesterday when I was reading the interview of recent Fields Medal Awardee Manjul Bhargava. In his words- “I hope Maryam Zakhani will be seen not only as a top-rate female mathematician but also simply as a top-rate mathematician.”

But whatever the world thinks, women are amazing and we know it. Thankfully the ladies are more vocal now, all thanks to the worldwide wave of feminism and many people who have fought for woman -empowerment. Perceptions are changing but there is still a long way to go. We have many tiny things in life that we ignore due to our mental conditioning but which shouldn’t exist in the world.


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I’m sure that you are all proud women. These quotes will make you feel even better-


proud woman quotes

True that! Men love to fantasise about the woman but when that woman is better than them, men get scared. Scare them some more:-D


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A great way to dispelling misconceptions about feminism.


quotes about women

Women are a lot more than just the fairer gender.


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Ms Gates makes a strong point.


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I believe this. Whenever you feel like prettying-up, it should be just for yourself and not impress others. And obviously, when you don’t want to go the extra mile, you don’t owe any explanation to anyone.


quotes that will make you proud of being a woman

I hope that the world stops making this mistake real soon.


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Looks funny but it’s an eye-opener. Women take pride in dressing up like men and wearing boyfriend jeans. How many men wear girlfriend-jeans? And obviously, men are called weird if they dress up as a woman. It seems like a LOL moment but it again is a case of mental conditioning. What an irony!


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Women are called bossy when they are strong headed. I don’t see any problem with that.


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It is an encouraging statement when we say ‘man-up’ to someone. Why do we forget that women are super-strong as well? So woman up!


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Though I’m not a huge fan of ‘The Mindy Project’, I like Mindy Kaling. Rihanna or Scarlett Johansson are never asked about their ‘source of confidence’. Mindy takes it all in her stride.

I hope that soon there will be no need to celebrate a Woman’s Day.

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