10 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas


10 Rakshabandhan Eye Makeup Ideas


We have already suggested you rakshabandhan dresses on fashion blog and mehndi designs. Now one thing that is left is makeup and here we are.

Eyemakeup is the most important part of makeup and you should choose it wisely. We have compiled 10 different looks which you can try as per your liking.

Happy Rakshabandhan!

Pink Smokey Eye


eye makeup for rakshabandhan

It is a pink smokey eye makeup look but still looks so feminine  because it has pink Grin  though it still has the “smokey” thing as the central content. If you are into pinks then try this look. It is quick and different from the usual pink eye makeup. Smokey eyes always look lovely and here they are more wearable due to pink.

Katrina Kaif Inspired Eye Makeup


eye makeup for rakhi

This look is quite wearable and easy on eyes. The perfectly blended look is amazing and it will go with any outfit. At the same time it is sexy and appealing. The eyes are  dark but not intensely dark and there are not too many colours used here.

Bollywood 1950’s Inspired Wide-Eye makeup


rakshabandhan eyemakeup

This tutorial is going to be particularly helpful for those who have small eyes, as this technique will help in getting not only big eyes (as in big and open eyes) and also wide eyes. Yesteryear divas sported this look most of the time. It looks natural and brightens up the eyes.

Rihanna Inspired Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup


eye makeup look for rakshabandhan

 It’s a perfect blend of silver metallic grey and black. The colours are striking yet give a feminine look. This look has the right amount of shine. It will brighten the eyes and you can go easy on lips.

Simple Pink Wearable Eye Makeup Tutorial


eye look rakshabandhan

Plum and pink together make this eye look really amazing. It is deep but very wearable. You can pair this look with a pretty pink lipstick. As the eyes are deep, liner has been kept thin.

Purple-Pink Eye Makeup


makeup rakshabandhan

Purple and pink make a cute combination. I like this look as it has purple, a shade which goes really well with most Indian skin tones. Some pink and black make it look really amazing.

Pink And Gold Eye Makeup


eyemakeup look for rakhi

Pink is probably the most commomnly used colour in eye makeup. But it has many amazing shades and can be used in so many ways that it never looks boring. Here you have an amazing combination of pink and golden colours. It is bright and don’t miss the grey lenses.

Red Glittery Eye Makeup


eye makeup look rakshabandhan

Red is a little tricky to pull of and needs courage. But if you have the guts and want to look unique and pretty, do try this look. Festivals are perfect excuse to go all out with makeup and this eye look is certainly attention grabbing.

Gold Eye Makeup


rakhi eye makeup

What can be better than gold in festive season? This eye makeup is really easy and has gold and black in the right amount. It is toned down and still very glamorous.

Fish Tail Festive Eye Makeup


festive eyemakeup rakshabandhan

This is my favourite of all. Super bold eyes with gold and bronze. Black is adding more drama. The fishtail is to die for. If you really want to look all rakshabandhan ready then try this. Your brother may love your work of art and you may get more gifts 😀

Which one will you sport this rakshabandhan?

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