10 Razor Cut Hairstyle Ideas


10 Razor Cut Hairstyle Ideas

Girls with short hair are always able to attract attention. Even if you pretend you are not looking at them, you actually end up glancing them back. Short cuts are most elegant styles. Razor cut was first discovered in Japan but quickly crossed borders to travel worldwide. And today it is one of the most popular hair cut you would find. People across the globe are imbibing it at an increasing rate today. I am bringing to you some styles here which may be of interest to you, especially if you like your hair short or are looking to get a relaxed short haircut since long.

Short Blonde Razor Hair Style

celebrity bob hairstyles this year

This cut is definitely very much in demand and is being seen as a sensational cut across the globe. This hair style has different layers and cuts and looks just amazing. Be it a college girl or a confident working woman, this cut suits all.

Razor Cut Bob Hair Style


This is another very elegant hair style which looks absolutely awesome on women and is pretty trending these days. Women across ages are seen sporting this hairstyle and it goes fine with women across complexions and built well.

Razor cut Layered Hair Style

bob hairstyle and bollywood (9)

This is a multi-layered hair style that looks awesome if you have a long face specifically. The hair style is also specially good for colored hair. If you have burgundy or brown hair color on your hair, it is going to look just fantastic with this haircut. The multiple layers help define your hair and face.

Razor Casual Cut Hairstyle

This one looks good if you want to keep close to a not too short hairstyle and at the same time be stylish. This hair style has been all over recently. This looks good on a long as well as round face.

Razor Layered Wavy Cut

This one comes for people with a little wavy hair. This hair cut is very much in trend these days and specially is suited to women who are tired of managing long curls and are looking for a respite. I am one of them for sure and this haircut has been on my mind for long now. I guess it is time to go for it now!

Razor Cut Hairstyle for Short Bob Hair Style

A seen style in the movie Shamitabh, as sported by Akshara Hasan, this style is picking up and is now visible across faces. I am sure this hair style would not let you down, if you feel you are a little tomboyish, and have your own sense of style.

Layered Long Pixie Razor Hair Style

This is another style with a little long tress falling on sides and with layers in the cut overall spreading across your hair. It is very well known style seen in many Hollywood movies and is gaining traction quite increasingly.

I hope you agree, razor cuts are just the choice for the time we live in for two reasons. One, we are always having a lack of time when it comes to dressing up in style. Second, these haircuts are globally renowned today and there is no ambiguity in saying that one makes heads turn when there is something different on his or her face. Hair are noticed quite easily and are always attached to your entity then what is the harm in changing our look to change people’s outlook towards us.

Which of these Razor hairstyles you like most?

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