10 Reason Why You Are A Blessed Soul


10 Reason Why You Are A Blessed Soul


Hiya Girls!

How many times did you smile today? I hope you got plenty of chances to do so.

“Smile every chance you get. Not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had anticipated, but because you choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things you do have and all the problems you know you don’t have.”

reasons to feel blessed


We keep thinking about what will make us happy but never think that what can make us happy right now. Actually, we can always be happy about one thing or other. There are hundreds of reasons to feel blessed all the time. I give you some simple and amazing reasons to feel blessed-

You are unique

The simplest reason to feel happy. Every person is unique so don’t lose yourself in comparisons. If you are outgoing. there is no need to tone down and vice-versa. Always remember these simple lines- ‘I’m like me’ 😀 Feel fulfilled!

You are alive

Thank the power that you are alive at this moment. Never think that you have a miserable life because life is limited and there is no time to regret. Enjoy whatever comes to you.

You can feel emotions

Have you ever thought about what life would have been like if you didn’t know how to smile or cry? If not then feel blessed that you have emotions. When a person stops feeling, it is the end of life. Enjoy every emotion you feel.

You can laugh

Why so serious? 😀 Laugh because you can. Laugh at yourself and  laugh with others. I can’t tolerate if someone says even a single negative word to me but I’m changing this. Taking yourself too seriously makes only one person feel bad and that’s you.

You have a purpose

Everybody has a purpose and so do you. A housewife can find purpose in spending some ‘me’ time or even in cooking. A working lady can find purpose in trying for promotion or even in a Sunday. Any purpose whether big or small makes one feel complete and gives a reason to feel blessed.

You are gifted

May be you are not Shreya Ghoshal but still you are gifted. It is completely impossible for a person to be ‘good for nothing’. You just need to find out your talent. It can be something as simple as having a good sense of colours.

You are lucky

Do Not brood. You are lucky because of at least one thing in life. Now that could be your friends, family, lover or money. You are lucky because you have at least one thing that you are totally proud of.

You can see, hear and speak

Never take your senses for granted. I for one am constantly thankful for having eyes. Loosing any of the senses is a loss that a healthy person can’t even imagine. So be grateful that you can listen to beautiful tunes and deafening noises. Be thankful that you can cry at the top of your lungs and can see the beautiful and even the not so beautiful things of world.

You can look better today

You can have your beauty moment any time. A new lipstick or a new hairstyle is a good enough excuse to lift spirits. Workout and you will look better and feel better too. Even though I generally do not wear makeup at home, sometimes I apply a lipstick or blush just to feel different (It is happening a lot these days :-P).

You can say “thank you”

Being thankful to God is common but how many of you feel thankful to people in your life? I hope many of you do. It will make you feel very happy when you say ‘thank you’ whenever you feel thankful to people even for the simplest things.

You can dance

This is my favourite part 🙂 I love to break into stupid jigs at any time of the day without any music. And you know what, it makes me feel instantly happy. I don’t do these tiny jigs on purpose, they just happen. 😀 So dance like no one is looking! Dance is a great stress buster and sometimes I do it for the sake of exercise too. Double Bonanza!

And feel blessed because you are reading Wiseshe and you are reading Maitri’s lines 😀

What makes you feel blessed?

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