10 Reasons Of Having White Hair At A Young Age


10 Reasons Of Having White Hair At A Young Age

Greying of hair is natural process that happens to anyone and everyone. It is a process where when a person ages the body loses its capability to systhesise the normal amount of melanin pigment required to add colour to your hair.The approximate age when your hair starts greying is about post 60’s. but for some people the hair might start showing signs greying at an very early age. Say may be in their mid 20’s or earlier. So this problem is given the term premature greyin.. But there is really nothing to lose your over it, cause after all it is just a special situation where the pigment which adds colour your hair is not being produced. And  there are a number of reasons why this might be happening, and the problem can be solved.

foods to prevent premature greying of hair

Sometimes the cause stems from factors like faulty lifestyle, smoking, over dieting, deficiency of Vit B12 or even from unhealthy hair care routines, over experimenting with hair, etc. So before you start looking for a cure it is essential that you know the cause. It just makes it easier for you to go for the right treatment.

Thryroid problem

An under-active or a proactive thyroid gland can often be the reason behind premature greying. So in case you see signs of excessive greying at an early age then it is advised that you consult a doctor and get your thyroid level checked.



Nutrients like Vitamin B12, zinc, copper, protein, are all responsible for premature greying of hair. So when there is a deficiency  in the intake off these vital nutrients, especially in the intake of Vit B12, it starts showing in your hair. So to counter this problem, you can consult your dietician or doctor, and get a diet chart that will fulfill these deficiencies. Or else you can also take supplementary pills. But it is also advised that instead  of taking pills you eat the right kind  food that will supplement the needs.

Genetic Problem

This is a very common reason as well. An offspring with someone with similar problem in the family, is more to it than anyone else. So in this the only viable solution I guess would be to get your dyed from time to time. But what you can do is not go for chemical hair dyes, which will damage your hair further and opt for natural options like henna dye or coffee hair dye.


How To Deal With Gray Hair In Eyebrows - SMOKING

Smoking is as we know is injurious to health, it causes cancer, lung diseases, heart problems, skin problems, wrinkle problems etc. And now you can add premature greying to the list as well. Yes! Smoking releases free radicals, and these free radicals prevent melanin synthesis in the body. So unless you want to look like an old hag at the age of 30 STOP SMOKING!

Wrong Diet

wrong diet

In today’s world there are two kinds of eaters. One group who eats junk, which may be due to reasons like time constraint or financial constraints. And  the other group who eats basically nothing. The reason being they want a size zero figure and for this they are ready to try out any every possible diet solution that is available. But when you depriving your body off food you are actually depriving it from the necessary nutrients. And when you are eating junk you are again not taking in anything healthy that will help your body in the synthesis of necessary products.


This is one of the most common factors behind premature greying of hairs nowadays. We all lead an extremely stressful life, be it due our jobs, or be it due to the social structure in general, stress has now become a huge deal in today’s life. Practicing yoga or meditation is a wonderful way to combat stress. It detoxifies your mind and puts it in rest.

Hair care Routine

plump hair strengthening oil

If you want to get that Rapunzel mane then you must take proper care of it well. Proper oiling, cleansing, protecting it from the harshness of the sun’s rays or dirt and pollution, are some of the basic things that you must follow.

Experimenting with you hair

Philips Salon Straight Active Ion Straightener Review Before straightening+hair care

STOP! Immediately. These might make you look nice and pretty for a while but ultimately it takes a toll on the health of your hair. For excessive, colouring, curling, or straightening  affects the health of your hair by taking away the necessary nutrients from it.

Lack of Vit C


Vit C is essential for the health of your hair. Lack of this nutrient can hamper the production of melanin. So make sure you take in a lot of it. The best way would probably to drink a lot of orange juice, carrot juice, etc. These fruits and vegetables are a rich source of Vit C.

Hard water problem

Sometimes the minerals present in the water that you use to wash your hair can also cause premature greying of hair.

So these were some of the reasons why you might be getting white hair at an young age.

Which of these reasons do you think apply to you?

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  1. I had my first white hair strands in Xth standard during boards…after that it multiplied to few more and currently i have like 8-9 hair strands white..

    I guess stress was the cause in my case during the exams 🙁

  2. Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful. This is a very interesting and helpful post. This post contains huge valuable information on our hair loos. This article can help by preventing risk. Truly it’s a nice job.


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